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Re: Email Hacked: For some reason Lost all inbox folders. I need back very important


Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

I believe that my att.net email account has been hacked.  What steps should I take?  Thank you!

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

Here's a support article that will help you: http://www.att.com/esupport/article.jsp?sid=KB409170#fbid=EPni3hL70Nj


It contains a lot of great information about how to secure your information. 


Please let us know if you need any additional help!


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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

ATT Email iw run by Yahoo, and they've haed a huge security breach on Monday, they claimed it was fixed, and as of Tuesday evening, it is NOT.  My e mail has been hacked twice in 24 hours, even after changing passwords and running a complete sweep of my computer.


Bottom line is that Yahoo mail is horrid, and I can't believe AT&T continues to do business with such a shoddy service.  Here's more on the story.  Expect this problem to go on for a while.  



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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

My email account was locked. This solution did not work for me. when I go to MyAT&T login page to reset my password, after enteering my email address I was prompted to give my billing zip code, even though this is a free account. I enter my zip anyway and I got a message:


We are sorry, but we are unable to assist you in resetting the password for your free email account. Please visit Email Support to learn more about your free email account.


Following this link eventually takes me back to the login page again. I am stuck in an endless loop.


Has anyone experience this? it is very frustrating.

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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

I have been having the same problem.  I can't get to reset my password.  I keep getting sent back to the same screens over and over again.  Can anyone please help.

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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

Yes, I need help. I have been locked out of 3 of my yahoo/at&t free email accounts that I have had for over 15 years. I am beyond angry!! The alternate emails addresses I provided is also one of the ones that is locked out!! What do I do??

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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

I'm having the same issue and no help from at&t!

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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

Yes I am having the very same problem, My email was hacked and they locked me out. By they I mean the hacker, I have gone around and around with att about this. They told me I had to call tech support. So I did ! Here it goes, They wanted a one time fee of 149.00 dollars or I could sign up with them for a monthly fee of 16.00 dollars to fix my email account and get security from them. I blew my lid. First off I was talking to china, Another out sourced job, And the girl that I was talking too, told me in a round about way that the system was hacked and they are having a lot of problems with peoples email account being hacked. Then she went on to say that the email account was mine and not theirs so I had to pay to fix it. I have email accounts with other companies and this is the only one I have ever had hacked. Most companies provided security for there email service. All att is trying to do is make the customer pay for the coast of repairing the damage that the hackers have done. If this hacker uses my email to do something illegal and I get the blame for it, Att better watch out. And as far as paying them for security, They offer a free down load for security on your email, So why would I pay them. I think Att did this them self just so they could make some money off people.  I am going to close all my accounts with att just as soon as I can, I refuse to pay for jobs outside this country and I hate scammers, They are tiring to scam people out of there money to fix a problem that they are solely responsible for. OVER IT !


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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

Another victom here, been stuck in an endless loop trying to get access.  Got a text saying something about unusall activity and they have locked my account.   I cannot get past the 'security' questions as they are questions I would NEVER use, EVER!  The answers and questions don't match my notes as a side note.  Some help would be appreciated

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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

can't get into my att emails for 2 days.help
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Re: Att.net Email has been hacked - HELP!!!

My email account was hacked about 10 days ago.  A screen had appeared saying my time on-line had expired and that I needed to sign in again.  Stupidly (in hindsight), I complied.  The next thing I knew, my correspondents got a "drop-box" email on Spam from "me."  Later, the hacker sent the "stranded-in-the-Philipines-send-money" email.  I changed my password, but find that certain (personal) emails are being blocked (still get all the commercial emails and ones from political sites asking for donations).  Do I have to change my email address, too, to get around these blocked emails from family and friends?

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Email Hacked: For some reason Lost all inbox folders. I need back very important

This exact thing happened to my email:


My email account was hacked.  Everyone in my contacts was emailed a phony plea for money.  My contacts and inbox folders were completely erased, as was almost all of my sent folder.  Now, all new emails sent to me go to my Trash folder.


I followed the instructions on the FAQ to check all of my settings, and as far as I can see, nothing is amiss. How can I fix my account to see all old emails again?  Is there anyway to get back my contacts?


Please help me!!

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Re: Email Hacked: For some reason Lost all inbox folders. I need back very important

yes THEY are the worst !! ALL the numbers Ive called sound fishy!! different dumb things said to me like, Verizon bought out yahoo you need to wait and check back every day to see if you can log in....??? now another guy said, someone in Germany hacked me and for a one time fee he can fix....???? 

Ive called 5 different times to so called sbcglobal numbers???? I think THEY GOT HACKED?????

IM TOTALLY frustrated!!!is that better?

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