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Any way to delete folders?

Any way to delete folders?

Is there some way to delete empty / un-needed folders in the "new improved" ATT / Yahoo email? Thanks.

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Re: Any way to delete folders?

In the full-featured (so-called) version, I just right-click on the folder name and choose "Delete".  That works for me.  If you've tried that, and it didn't work for you, check to see if you're in Basic or maybe they fixed it after you posted.

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Re: Any way to delete folders?

Thanks, 1911Man! Earlier I was not getting any right-click context menu when I right clicked the folders (in full-featured mode; I couldn't get back into basic mode today for some reason) but now deleting folders is working for me, too.

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Re: Any way to delete folders?

you still have to empty the folder first and that's my problem.  I want to empty it all at once rather than 50 emails at a time.

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