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Alternative Internet Service?


Alternative Internet Service?

Why is ATT Internet service so spotty? I'm dropped often. Is there another provider or service that you would recommend?

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Re: Alternative Internet Service?

jas1234567 wrote:

Why is ATT Internet service so spotty? I'm dropped often. Is there another provider or service that you would recommend?



     Welcome to the forum ! What kind of DSL issues are you having, slow speeds or complete loss of service? I have included a few links below, the first is through ATT customer support self help where you can choose to test and troubleshoot your DSL. The second link I have included is to test your internet speed and the third a link for sending a private message to our ATTCustomer care team if your still having spotty service. When sending a private message please include your name, email address, phone number and the best time you can be contacted. Please allow up to 48hrs for a team member to contact you.


DSL troubleshoot


DSL Speedtest


Private Message



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Re: Alternative Internet Service?

I never had issues when I had DSL through both a Dry Loop & phone service, or even through UVerse. If you are having dropping issues, can you post the info from your modem stat screen. Also there should be a technecian screen showing more info than the normal customer screen.

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