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New_Email.jpgStarting September 5th, 2018 all .net ‘webmail’ customers will start to receive notifications about an upcoming email upgrade starting in October.  This new mail experience only affects ‘desktop’ webmail users and will include a more responsive ‘search’ capability, easier to use ‘settings’ menu, overall improved views, and much more!



When will I upgrade?

AT&T New Mail will begin to rollout to AT&T users October 2018.


Do I have to upgrade?

Yes, the planned upgrade will affect all desktop webmail users. 


What is changing?

Only the user interface for ‘desktop’ webmail.  The new email upgrade is designed to take advantage of today’s more modern and supported browsers.


What must I do to prepare for the upgrade?

The upgrade is simple - nothing in your email, folders, notes, calendar, or address book is changing. Your mailbox is only upgrading to a new and improved look and feel.  


If you’re using FireFox, Chrome, and/or a Mac based browser, just sit back, and relax. If you’re currently using Internet Explorer and or a Microsoft Edge browser older than 15.x then please upgrade your browser to a supported browser.


Helpful links are provided below:


Why are you telling me now?

We want to keep our AT&T mail users informed! We believe it is the right thing to do.



AT&T Help

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Re: AT

Will this remove all the junk email I have been getting in my accounts?  I don't need any Asian Women, male enhancements, zippy loans, etc in my inbox daily.  This started about a month ago and everyday I am marking spam it has gotten very annoying. I'm getting ready to change from my old Sbcglobal.net/ATT account to Gmail.  

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Re: AT

@mahct, no, it will not remove the junk/spam mail that you or anyone receives.  The only way to block the CBD spammer, since it is a professional spammer that uses encrypted technology to send out its spam, is for AT&T to block it.

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Re: AT

I wish you would not use Yahoo as the email client. Yahoo reads and captures everything that we say through Yahoo email. This is not right. I hate it. I am transitioning away from this email because of the blatant snooping into my business. Your money would be better spent making sure that your valued clients personal emails are private. Yahoo has no business snooping into our lives trying to get any and all avenues of marketing to us. Shame on you for using Yahoo.

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Re: AT

If you REALLY care about us, you would respond to the MILLIONS of customers who want you to shed anything to do with Oath, Yahoo, or Verizon!  People have been complaining for several years about this darned (used because the AT&T censors didn't like the original word I used) Oath page that pops up with 2 choices before you can get to "AT&T ?" email - "Agree Now", or "Agree Later".  At least they are obnoxiously honest - they want you to agree that they can mine your email for any and all personal information for their own commercial use, or sell it to third parties!  I signed up for AT&T products and services.  I want nothing to do with a failing company (Yahoo) that has had MILLIONS of its accounts hacked in the past 3 years, and know wants to make your ID and personal information even more vulnerable!


Come on AT&T, if you're financially viable enough to take on $185 billion dollars in debt, how about spending some on bringing your email servers in house!

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Re: AT

I've got to say I generally more so agree with this person.  Stop changing things on me!  I know you think it's an upgrade and improvement, but they let anybody use computers and I'm anybody.  Not computer savvy.  I did not grow up with this technology and use it only as necessary.  It's not my way of life.  So when you change things on me my life is MORE difficult.  If it ain't broke, why fix it?

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Re: AT

You are right on!  I've complained for years.  Their tech support people claim to not know anything about it, why, or if anything can be done.  At&T doesn't give a rat's behind, and never has since actual monopoly days; now they're just a de facto monopoly.  Normally, I want government totally out of the commercial sphere, but the Feds should have stopped the Time Warner purchase!

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Re: AT

New e-Mail...

      The AT&T e-mail service under the Yahoo! name is changing to something called Oath (?).

Whatever the moniker, I've read through the "rules" a couple of times, at least, as much as my eyes could tolerate without extreme pain an blurring of vision. These rules sound awfully invasive to me. Am I misunderstanding something? I realize that there really isn't such a thing as privacy when it comes to computers and e-mail or anything else online, but I almost feel as if I'm selling my soul for an advertisement. I'll have to read this thing again. I may have misunderstood something. Does anyone else see this, or am I wrong? 

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Re: AT

MarkOne (The only way to block the CBD spammer, since it is a professional spammer that uses encrypted technology to send out its spam, is for AT&T to block it):

Precisely! Other ways to block the CBD spam is to change email addresses while remaining with AT&T, or by ending AT&T service and going with another provider. With the end of net neutrality comes the possibility…er… likelihood that AT&T will charge for the spam blocking service. I think I’m getting closer to having the other cable guy over to the house, if not for deletion of email spam then for 4 times the internet speed at the same price.
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Re: AT

I did not agree to "partner" with Yahoo for email services.  AT&T did that.

That being the case, I will not sign an OATH agreement for the provision of AT&T email services that I contracted to receive with AT &T.
I want a new email address that is not affiliated with Yahoo or OATH.

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Re: AT

I have a Windows 7 Desk Top computer from about 2010.  I keep getting message re: Yahoo mail that I need to change my browser to either Firefox or Chrome.  I tried changing it to chrome but it wasn't successful.  I do already have chrome on my desktop however.  I am not (obviously) a tech savy person and keep looking for a phone number without success to talk to someone who could walk me through the necessary changes prior to this change taking effect.  Any ideas?  Is it possible to get a reply to my e-mail address?



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Re: AT

I have the read the agreement and it allows all Oath companies to read your personal email at any time without cause or obtaining a warrant.
This provision is; I expect, so that they can market your personal information freely to all bidders. 
In addition to the security nightmare that such a practice could produce for the victims who use this email "service"; it is most certainly a privacy violation.
I refuse to sign the OATH agreement.
AT & T can provide their customers with their own email service. 

They can break their contract with Yahoo. 
I do not pay for a service so that they can violate my privacy.

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Re: AT

I had an att.net email address for over 10 years.  At some point ATT decided to farm out its email system to Yahoo.  My address is still the same, it just gets routed by Yahoo.  Too many people, companies, and organizations have that address to make it worthwhile changing.  I have a gmail account for my  Android, but Google scares me more than Yahoo does.  They're pretty much all the same as far as looking in our underwear and trying to profit off of what they find.  Maybe we all should go back to snail mail.

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Re: AT

I get 50+ spam each day.  Spam blocker does not work.  Same sites show up each day.    How can I permanently remove spam?

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Re: AT

AT&T:  Please count me as one who is comfortable with the current webmail interface in Firefox on my desktop, and via Apple's mail account interface on my devices (I don't do Android).  The primary reason I use AT&T rather than Google's GMail, is that I like the organization of the interface better than Google's.  PLEASE do not copy anything in Google's interface.  It is too quirky for me.  I would probably still use AT&T for a while to try the new, but only because I don't like how intrusive Google is with privacy.  I don't want to be a lab rat on any of their systems.  I don't even search with Google.  So, please don't change much or I'll have to look elsewhere for mail.

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ACE - Expert

Re: AT


AT&T:  Please count me as one who is comfortable with the current webmail interface in Firefox on my desktop, and via Apple's mail account interface on my devices (I don't do Android).  The primary reason I use AT&T rather than Google's GMail, is that I like the organization of the interface better than Google's.

Rhetorical question - So which do you prefer, the webmail you view in a browser or you email client apps interface?  The two have absolutely nothing to do with each other.


...but only because I don't like how intrusive Google is with privacy

Uh, have you looked at the OATH terms of service? Man Frustrated  OATH controls yahoo, and yahoo and is att's email service provider so att email users are under the OATH TOS too.


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