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New_Email.jpgStarting September 5th, 2018 all .net ‘webmail’ customers will start to receive notifications about an upcoming email upgrade starting in October.  This new mail experience only affects ‘desktop’ webmail users and will include a more responsive ‘search’ capability, easier to use ‘settings’ menu, overall improved views, and much more!



When will I upgrade?

AT&T New Mail will begin to rollout to AT&T users October 2018.


Do I have to upgrade?

Yes, the planned upgrade will affect all desktop webmail users. 


What is changing?

Only the user interface for ‘desktop’ webmail.  The new email upgrade is designed to take advantage of today’s more modern and supported browsers.


What must I do to prepare for the upgrade?

The upgrade is simple - nothing in your email, folders, notes, calendar, or address book is changing. Your mailbox is only upgrading to a new and improved look and feel.  


If you’re using FireFox, Chrome, and/or a Mac based browser, just sit back, and relax. If you’re currently using Internet Explorer and or a Microsoft Edge browser older than 15.x then please upgrade your browser to a supported browser.


Helpful links are provided below:


Why are you telling me now?

We want to keep our AT&T mail users informed! We believe it is the right thing to do.



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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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I think once ATT started to play with the various email services they use and the customer load for email access via their cell phones increased they must have realized their cell sites were overloaded and then the bandwidth reductions started for cell and landline. 

They sent all blackberry users an email telling them to reload their phones on the 22nd of December or suffer loss.

to me that's is the indication they wanted to move all users on this type service to servers with more of their control. Currently Blackberry uses full security encryption and that forces ATT to use servers that they do not control. All they can do is forward the emails to users and limits control.

 I would suspect they are negotiating with Google to move their ATT email users to that service. Once that is done the marketing for ads sent with email will pay for any costs they incur. Then the real fun begins.

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As I have stated in a few previous posts, this is NOT an AT&T problem. AT&T contracted out email service a few years ago to Yahoo then promptly laid off the telephone technicians that maintained the servers.

Recently, Verizon purchased Yahoo! Does anyone out there seriously think Verizon is concerned about the quality of email service being provided to AT&T customers? Then please raise your hand now.

The ONLY concern about this issue is by the AT&T customers and NO ONE else. That is just the sad truth from an AT&T retiree.

One interesting note, iPad and iPhone users are not affected!
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RE: "...AT&T contracted out email service a few years ago..."


Another ISP with several hundred thousand users pitched their email servers, and let another company do it.  Since this company, like Google's Gmail, is "marketing" these users, then is this ISP receiving yearly 'kick backs,' or did they just eliminate servers, and associated headaches?


A corporation has a legal duty to its shareholders to maximize profits...if a corp perceives a service can be eliminated, they will eliminate it.   Sadly, US consumers  do not have true privacy laws, and mining your internet habits is common practice today.  And ISPs have been selling customers data since earliest public internet days.  By later 1990s, there were email directories associating a person's email address to that person.

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If AT&T hires them, then it is AT&T's problem, there is no other way to spin that period.

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The problem is easy to see, Google is buying the corporate control of things like email and other things they can use for marketing. ATT and Verizon just like GM ( onstar) is making money by letting Google sell user info.

I suppose if they just keep the email addresses and don't try to force change to gmail then people will just let it go.

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Please let’s not involve Google into the mix. This is nothing more than transporting email. Hauling it, so to speak. AT&T simply contracted with Yahoo to transport email. Since AT&T is unionized, (Communications Workers of America, CWA) the cost of maintaining their email servers was much higher than that of Yahoo. It’s cheaper to pay Yahoo than to perform the service in-house. Now that Verizon has acquired Yahoo, they to are looking for ways to cut costs.

This is not about marketing or anything other than reducing the cost of transporting email. Currently WE pay that cost each month when we pay our AT&T broadband bill.
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RE: "AT&T simply contracted with Yahoo to transport email"


Looks to this outsider that AT&T was "porking" out on their consumers.


AT&T dumps Yahoo after 15-year partnership
Published: May 4, 2016

New hosting contract means end to revenue-sharing alliance - AT&T T, +1.10%   said Wednesday that it has awarded the contract to host its Web and mobile portals to Synacor Inc. SYNC, +10.49%  , a company little-known outside of telecom circles. The deal effectively moves a major chunk of AT&T’s business away from Yahoo US:YHOO....Sameet Sinha, an analyst at Briley & Co., estimates the AT&T partnership generated about $100 million in annual revenue for Yahoo.  .



Here's some tidbits about Synacor...Synacor owns Zimbra, and their privacy policy states,

Cookies and Web Beacons - Technologies such as cookies, beacons, tags, scripts and other similar technologies are used by Synacor and/or our advertising partners, affiliates, analytics and service providers

And Web Beacons Track You on the Web and in Emails



This ISP I spoke of  contracted out their users to Zimbra, and they were not pleased with incoming spam email.  That said, Zimbra does have email service which a person/business pays for, which most likely is a better level of service.


Amazon has a Simple Email Service ($12/year to register a ".com" domain), and most likely, without "marketing" their users.  Gmail has business accounts, but not accounts for individual users. Tidbit: The 10 Best (Free) Email Service Providers for Your Business



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This makes perfect sense. AT&T should have ended it’s relationship with Yahoo as soon as it became known that Verizon was acquiring it. Hundred million is a significant loss for Yahoo! The big question now is the quality of service that will be provided by this new vendor and whether they are large enough to handle the email load.


Only time will tell. We may all be in for a very rough ride.

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I would like to thank everyone for taking the time to post your comments and opinions related to this subject. The topic has been thoroughly discussed and will now be closed.


Thank you,


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