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"Ports" or "Nodes" Full


"Ports" or "Nodes" Full

It has been almost 2 years since we first requested DSL service.  With each inqury, we have been met with the reply that all ports are currently full.  This is our only practical option for home internet.  All of our neighbors have service and as this is the only practical option in the area, I do not foresee anyone cancelling their service.   We are being told with each attempt to remedy this that there will be a request put in to add a port for us.  Along with this answer, there is the promise for someone to follow up with us within 5-7 work days.  I have never received a return call.    I do not understand why this issue has not or can not be resolved.   I know that AT&T is probably moving away from DSL and heading toward the U-verse or whatever, but I'm not hopeful for this to be offered in my area anytime soon. HELP!  Can we be directed to anyone locally with AT&T that may assist further with this?  Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

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Re: "Ports" or "Nodes" Full

Hello @DustyP1980 


DSL availability can be tricky as the rollout has ended, and as far as I know, no new equipment is being added, but our team will be happy to look into this issue for you and help with anything we can. Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your name, phone number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let me know if you have any questions.


Thank you,


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Re: "Ports" or "Nodes" Full

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*I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: "Ports" or "Nodes" Full

Not a practical option for us

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Re: "Ports" or "Nodes" Full

Thus far, I have provided ALL of the information requested in a private message as instructed.  Shortly after, I received an email stating that a social media manager has received my case information and will be forwarding my request to a DSL "specialist."  Shortly after that, I received another email stating that someone else had received my information and would be forwarding my case to a DSL "expert." 

I received a voicemail last night from someone at the office of the president (?) Stating that they had received my request, but that they would need my address to check into this request. 

I will provide it, but I've got to state that this feels like I'm being given the runaround.


 AT&T, my feedback to you is that your follow up process may need some tweaking.   You had me provide my information in my original direct message which has been forwarded on multiple times.  My phone number, which was utilized for the call to me, was obviously passed on.  I would assume that either DSL specialists or DSL experts would consider my address to have some relevance to the issue in question.  I am sure that it sounds like I may be reading into this a bit much. I can understand the need to VERIFY my address. However, the voicemail clearly stated that my address information was not included in what they received.   I am a firm believer that our results will indicate what we are committed to.   At this moment, I am not receiving a clear message that there is a significant level of commitment toward looking into this issue.  

I will be happy to follow up with the person that has contacted me and provide them with any information that they request.  Please understand that, as indicated in my numerous calls in, online chatting, and previous post above, there has already been a lack of any real follow up on this issue.  I do appreciate the response that I have received in the last couple of days. I appreciate the direct call that I received last night.   I will follow up with them.  My frustration at the moment is this:


My intent in seeking further assistance is to be able to have someone take the information that I have provided and have someone take a deeper look into the issue to see if there can be a solution. I am not seeking to be passed around multiple times only to be asked to give the same information over again only to receive the same canned answer.  

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Re: "Ports" or "Nodes" Full

Hey Buddy, I'm a real person out here and I feel your pain.


Check out my saga here, almost the exact same issue:


It's funny to me that the tech here, and 'mythoughts' keep spamming the same dumb answers they mindlessly type on each thread.  I hope those guys have a copy paste macro to keep them from doing any real work.


I suggest pursuing another provider in your area even if they are further away.  ATT is full of promises and never delivers.  Good luck, fight the good fight.

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Re: "Ports" or "Nodes" Full

Alright folks-  I received my follow up call from AT&T's Office of the President last night. 

It sounds good.  Suddenly, DSL service is available for my address.  I was able to order the service online after the call.  I received my confirmation email this morning.  It appears that my date of installation will not be for another couple of weeks.   Man Frustrated

However, if this is the last step in this long process - I will gladly be patient. 


(As I am typing this - I see under the 'Latest Posts' - that someone else is frustrated because they have had 2 cancelled DSL installations.)      


please please please please no...not me.  (fingers crossed)



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