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dsl customer service complaints


dsl customer service complaints

On Thursday, 6/12/14, I contact technical support at AT&T to alert them of a DSL service outage at my home address. I informed them that I had gone through all the troubleshooting that is typically involved in resetting your modem but that there was restoration of service.  As we had thunderstorms overnight I was wondering if there was a service outage and inquired if that was the case.  I was told that there was no outage in the area.  I complied with further repetition of the rebooting and troubleshooting and after an hour, it was determined that there was an outage and that someone would be out within the next 2 to 3 days to check the line.  I called the following day, Friday, 6/13/14 to ask for an explanation as to why we they initially denied the line outage and why their software utilities could not identify the problems in their system.  I was give a poor explanation that seemed to indicate me that they rely on customer’s reports of outages before they decide there is such an outage.  That didn’t make much sense to me but I didn’t pursue it as I was told a technician would be there later that afternoon to make repairs to the line.  I requested that I be contacted via, phone, text or e-mail message to explain the outage and notify me of the state of the repair.  I was led to expect that this would happen.


I arrived home later that evening and rebooted the modem and while the DSL light was on, the internet light was not.  I called technical support again and was told that the technician was there, completed the repair and it was determined that I had to reinstall the modem on their system as their system outage had wiped out my modem settings.  I reset the modem and was able to access the internet.  I asked about how it was that I was not contacted by technical support to advise me about the repair and was told that the file reflected that I was.  This is clearly a false business record indicating an action that was taken which was not.  Adding to the insult of the process, whenever I contacted AT&T there were lengthy delays in reaching an actual human being due their cumbersome inhuman voice recognition menu system and lengthy hold times.  Further, each person with whom I interfaced kept asking me to repeat information that I had provided to their voice mail system and related to me as though there was no understanding available to them about my previous contacts with them.  When I asked them to review the notes on my account, it was evident that they had that information available to them.


I expressed my frustration with my treatment as a customer and was offered sympathetic apologies but no explanations or offers of adjustment.  I requested that I be provided an e-mail acknowledging the problems I had, responding to the questions I had about my experience of their poor response to my service needs and their general technical and customer support practices and be provided compensation for my loss of service.  I was told by the person with whom I was speaking, that they could not provide that, so I asked to be transferred to a supervisor.  After twenty minutes of being on hold and being told several times during that interval that the supervisor was being briefed about my issue and advised to hold further, I was told that they would not be able to speak with me and I should expect a call back the following morning.


As anyone reading this might guess, I received no such call back.   I called early in the afternoon to pursue the issue and after another nightmare of their inhuman interface and several holds, transfers to individuals who requested more information to update my account who could not respond to my questions and further transfers until I was told by a supervisor who indicated that he was in India, that the technical support staff from Louisiana with whom I spoke the previous night would not be here today, Saturday, to make such a call.  He did advise me that there was a notation that this issue had been forwarded to management but he could not assure me that I would ever hear anything, but maybe they would contact me next week. 


I have had other issues with the DSL service in the past as provided via AT&T which has made this most recent experience my “last straw.”  They have provided poor equipment, routinely lower speed of service for which I pay and clearly a vulnerable line system that has gone out several times over the years due to weather related issues.  I have no choice where I live but to use them and their gratuitous ending of calls with “Thank you for choosing AT&T” only serves to be like rubbing salt in my wounds. 

I greatly concerned about not only my experience of AT&T’s poor service but also the others who are essentially captive of them by nature of the lack of competition.  I have no other choice as there is no cable provider or other ISPs who offer service on my street.  By visiting their customer service forums on their website, it is evident to me that they have been aware of their obvious problems in providing service but have been unable to remedy these problems.  They clearly lack the skill, interests or resources necessary to manage the customer service needs of their subscribers.  

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Re: dsl customer service complaints

I too have had serious issues. It started for me on 6/11. My internet connection suddenly went down. I called the service desk and was told their was an outage but that the internet would be back up the following morning. It did not come back up until late afternoon, but then went back down the following day 6/13 and has been up for a few hours then down again for the past several days. Everytime I call ATT they give me a new time for when the system will be back up but always fail to keep the system up and I end up calling again. Tonight I called once more and spent nearly an hour on the phone with a customer service rep who kept putting me on hold to work with technical support to fix my issue. They again said there was an outage, didn't know tbd reason for the outage but again promised to have me up and running by tomorrow morning. My question is if they don't know the cause of the outage issue how are they going to have it fixed by tomorrow morning? This is completely unacceptable. I work from home and conduct personal business through the internet and for it to be down for days is a loss of money and production for me. I'm currently online via ATT 4G which they will no doubt charge me for when inevitably use up all my allotted data for this month. But I still can't work off the 4G because only my phone can access it. 


I have put in a call to Charter and plan to switch to them as soon as they open tomorrow. I need an internet service that is reliable and ATT is not it anymore. 

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Re: dsl customer service complaints

Hello, pkaplanphd!


Thanks for posting. I'm so sorry to hear about your recent experiences. We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to remedy the situation, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns!



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Re: dsl customer service complaints

AT&T DSL is by far the WORST in customer service. There is a huge language barrier, so trying to explain anything or ask any questions is extremely frustrating. The toll free number listed is for U-verse, so you have to be transferred every time you call and 90% of the time the person transferring you gets you to the wrong department, so you have to be transferred again. If I don't have my account number on me, no one seems to know how to find my account. I give them my address, phone number, name etc., and they can never find me in their system. Also, $60 a month for super slow DSL!?! DSL that I constantly have to reboot daily!?! Outrageous. Don't even get me started on how I was supposed to be charged only $30 per month plus tax when I signed up because of a promotion. Then, when I got my bill, it was double that amount and when I called to ask about the discrepancy, I was told that apparently the person I initially spoke to made a mistake. Horrible service and horrible customer service agents.

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Re: dsl customer service complaints

AT & T Customer Service is a total joke.  I have no idea how these people stay in business.  I am guessing it is because like most of you, I am held *captive* because they are the only service available in my area.  My problem is ongoing and has been.  I have been through countless routines of *checking for technical issues on my equipment*  It's all bologna..  My internet works just fine from 2:00 AM through 4:00 PM everyday.  After that?  Forget it.  You can access the internet but you just can't use it.  Every 30 seconds or so we loose service.  The modem turns red.  Five minutes later?  It's on.  Access again.   30 second or so and RED AGAIN.  ALL NIGHT.  Essentially we have NO internet service at night.  BUT we pay $90.00 plus dollars a month to have internet service 24/7.  So who's rooking who?  Think they care?  NOPE.  Not one bit.


Besides that horror is the automated answering service........whatever.  It's worse than the service representatives that cannot speak understandable English.  


There is nothing else in my area.  They are making HUGE profits and refuse to update their services to keep up with their customer base. [Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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