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When will AT&T increase 150GB data cap for DSL users?


When will AT&T increase 150GB data cap for DSL users?

According to AT&T, 2% of the users use 20% of the bandwidth and the average user uses 21GB per month.  How old is this data?  Also, if the data is outdated and the current average usage is much higher, when will AT&T adjust their data cap to reflect the increased usage?


I am unable to get UVerse where I live and unfortunately I am unable to get any internet provider other than satellite which is impossible to use for gaming.  I would appreciate an answer as to when I can expect an increase in the data cap or at least a reference to the current data usage of their customers.

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Re: U-verse not available in my area. Why is my DSL capped at 150 GB?

I am having the same trouble. We have been an AT&T customer for years but not by choice, because it use to be the only thing to choice from for dial up or DSL. We were one of the first customers to upgrade to DSL when it was offered here. And I would think we have been great customers, but it doesn't feel that way. Now the past few months we have struggled to stay under the 150 GB. Some months we are way under and others we go over. I called to see about upgrading our package but it isn't offered in our area. This seems so unfair to me because we have been with AT&T for years. Do we not get anything for being loyal customers. If they can't fix this or offer something more I WILL be forced to change providers. If this happens it will mean I will change my phone service as well. I'm tired of being capped and getting my service governed down even though I pay for service. 

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Re: When will AT&T increase 150GB data cap for DSL users?

I found out the answer to one of my questions.  The mean data usage in the U.S. is now 44.7GB per month, but AT&T is still reporting that it is only 21GB.  I imagine that the amount of people that are now going over your mandatory data cap has probably doubled as well.  That should make your investors very happy, especailly seeing how people like me have no other alternative but to use your service.

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150 GB Limit

We need to petition AT&T to make this legal because as it stands right now they are breaking the law. Here's what they need to do to make it legal. 

1. Provide a readable meter that can be read on the front of each modem. (This is like selling cars with no gas gauges. Illegal.)

2. Provide more plans for "heavy users" so people are not forced to be overcharged monthly. (This is like the library charging you for reading too many books per month or the grocery store charging everyone 1 dollar per loaf of bread but charging you 2 dollars per loaf because you buy more for your family.) This is no better than racism, bigotry, or any other form of discremination against customers that have no other choice. It's manipulation of the supply and demand, monopolization of market, and exploiting customers while in position of power.  

3. Initiate rollover data for users that pay for 150gb but do not use them all. If I pay for 150gb and use 75gb, the 75gb of unused data should be added to next billing cycle. As it stands right now, they are stealing any unused data that has been paid for by the customer. 

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DSL data charges

I would like to find out how many other people are unhappy with DSL data cap of 150mb per month, then if you go over any amount, a $10 fee is accessed for another 150mb rather than a prorated amount of the actual data used up to 300mb.


Why have an AT&T online calculator for us to see, then not use it yourselves to bill by.

.06667 per mb would be fair for those who just go over by say 50mb = $3.33  Folks who have only 5mb over for one day = 33c, but AT&T has decided they must pay $10 more for that one day, not a great relation building idea to keep customers.

I am also questioning the method of data capture by AT&T as we have no way to dispute it's accuracy, only what they suggest might be used.

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Re: DSL data charges

"not a great relation building idea to keep customers."


They seriously don't care.  Many people, like myself, have no other options.  For those that do, the alternatives are just as bad unless you're fortunate enough to live in a city that has Google Fiber.  I believe the only way they will change is to contact your representatives and complain, but even then many of them have been bought by the telecommunications industry already so it won't do any good.  It's just amazing that we are so far behind all other 1st world nations (except for Canada) when it comes to data service and cost all because of corporate greed.

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Data cap rollover

If I go 1 byte over the data cap I will be charged $10 for a 50GB block.  How come the extra data doesn't rollover to the next month even though I paid for it?    How can I get more accurate and more frequent data reporting from AT&T to show where I am so that I can prevent going over the limit?  The way it is now, AT&T only provides data usage every 3 or 4 days.  I won't know if I go over or if I still have a lot more data of my paid block to use up before the end of the billing cycle.


I doubt if anyone from AT&T will answer any of these questions being that they didn't answer any of my previous questions about the data cap and usage.  I still have a little hope left, though...

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Re: When will AT&T increase 150GB data cap for DSL users?

I recieved my bill today 46$ for "AT&T HSI ELITE N"

                             and  30$ for "INTERNET USAGE" (First time being charged this fee)

                           Total: 76$


I thought it was a joke until i read this thread. My current speeds are 6 down...


Comcast on the other hand is 50 down and 10 up for 78.50. (after there promo rate 12 months of 44$)


I think the only answer to "data usage" after already paying for a service... which doesn't make any sense what-so-ever is... see yah later ATT. After decades of years of our "marriage" I want a divorce.. I met someone new.

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Re: Data cap rollover

Nobody from AT&T can seem to answer any of my questions.


I may as well ask some more questions about your DSL service that you won't answer:  How exactly do you calculate data usage?  According to my data monitoring software which monitors every packet coming in and out, I use about 10% less data than AT&T is reporting that I use.  Apparently I'm not the only one who has had this complaint.  Does anyone certify that your data monitoring is accurate?  Feel free to add those to my list of unanswered questions...


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Re: Data cap rollover

Hello xdeus,


I apologize for any misunderstanding, these forums are a peer to peer space, populated by customers like yourself or employees that participate on their free time, unfortunately you won't get an official answer from AT&T here. You can send us a private message here and one of our specialists will be happy to help with any account specific issues.


Thank you,


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Re: Data cap rollover

Thanks, Dmitriy.  I posted all of my questions to the account that you provided.  I will post the response if and when I receive one here for the other users that may want the answers.

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Re: Data cap rollover

Well, I just got off of the phone with an AT&T representative.  She was absolutely no help whatsoever.  She did admit that more people are using the internet and data usage is going up, but she couldn't tell me if or when they might increase the data cap level.  She did mention that she would bring it up at the next meeting.


She also told me that they weren't planning on using a roll-over plan even though their customers pay for a set amount of data, but she would bring it up at the next meeting.


Finally, she told me that even though my data monitoring software shows 10% under the amount that AT&T shows, they wouldn't be able to tell me how they monitor data usage or who certifies that it is accurate.  She did tell me that the government does not get involved, so essentially we just have to trust AT&T that their data monitoring is accurate.  It's not like they would profit by having innacurate data monitoring, now would they?  Good thing they're not being held accountable.  If I'm lucky, maybe she'll bring that up at their next meeting.

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Re: When will AT&T increase 150GB data cap for DSL users?

**UPDATE** Switched to comcast.. to the plan in my previous post.


and it was a painless transition.. thanks for opening my eyes with "data usage" ATT. Much oblidged.

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Re: When will AT&T increase 150GB data cap for DSL users?

Well, I think I'll finally come under my data cap this month after scrutinizing my data usage every day.  I HATE AT&T and this is some bull manure! (AT&T wouldn't let me use the acronym)   I don't ever remember having to watch my usage on using the house phone other than long distance, using Satellite TV or Cable TV.  It was UNLIMITED.  Take a few pennies out of your enormous profits and upgrade your outdated equipment so I don't have to watch every zero and one I pass through your precious lines.

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Re: When will AT&T increase 150GB data cap for DSL users?

We have the same problems. I have to monitor our internet data daily. I don't trust AT&T data usage reporting but there's nothing I can do about that. What get's me the most is that according to AT&T my internet service is coming from over 2hrs away from where I live. I still don't understand that one? I know that I will feel much better when they up the data cap limit.

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