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Re: What is my Data Usage?

What is my Data Usage?

The below link is not even close to accurate. Seems AT&T disabled this reporting and I spent 2 hours navigating their horrible phone system and conversing with illiterate support folks trying to answer this question. The only thing I acheived was the desire to slit my own throat rather than to try to continue the searchy for any sort of intelligent life within AT&T.




All I can get from their system is the following msg -


We are sorry, but we are unable to display your Internet usage at this time.Please try again later. (USG_BBUP_300)

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ACE - Sage

Re: What is my Data Usage?

Hmmm. My usage meter looks nothing like that. Oh, yeah, I don't have AT&T internet. 😳
The link for me won't actually show anymore than a login screen. Your information should not be posted for privacy reasons.
If you can post without personal information what your meter looks like with a picture?
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Re: What is my Data Usage?

I don't get any usage info. See the error msg I posted...

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Former Employee

Re: What is my Data Usage?

Hey dude,

Save time, bypass the drama, download the AT&T Uverse app. Receive real-time statistics of your data usage and even SMS reminders when you're getting low. Takes a second to login, and a millisecond to view your data usage.

Your welcome,
Kevin J.
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Re: What is my Data Usage?

Hi Kevin,


I've read a bit about the ANdroid version of the app and it's not rated very well and seems to be oriented for streaming content to the Android.


Are you saying it also will tell me my DSL land line usage statistics?


Have a link for the specific app you are suggesting?


Thanks, Dave

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Former Employee

Re: What is my Data Usage?

Hi Dave,

To clarify, are you referring to DSL internet usage, or home landline phone service usage?
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Re: What is my Data Usage?

Home land line DSL usage. I need to know my ave and peak G/month usage stats. The AT&T website fails to provide this for the current cycle and actually says it no longer provides for the previous billing cycles.

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Re: What is my Data Usage?

DSL "Internet" usage though think that would be implied...

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Re: What is my Data Usage?

That is all I have ever gotten as well. 

They emphasize how we need to keep an eye on our usage, but have yet to see any tools that will report it, accuratly or otherwise.

An all I want to do is make sure I don't go over, but I also don't underuse it ewither.

It would be nice if what was not used, rolled over to the next month, but not holding my breath.


If there is a way to even get an approximate data usage reading, I'd sure love to know it.


Don't thik that app mentioned has a thing to do with land lione dsl, however. Not sure there even IS a utility that monitors data over a modem. I mean, for home use.


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Re: What is my Data Usage?

Well you are supposed to get data usage from the website but after hours of navigating the worst voice mail sysem in the world, esp. for "the" phone company, all they could ever tell me was to "keep trying" as it was broke for them too. Of course, an historical usage request to the website usage view says they don't provide historical usage, and a current usage rquest gets the error I first mentioned. I want to know my usage so I can see if I can afford to switch to wireless since I've been told it will be a cold day when the offer anything more than 3M DSL land or U-Verse. I'm just south of Asheville and AT&T internet service here is worse than when I was in the boonies of Negril Jamaica a few weeks ago.

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Re: What is my Data Usage?

And the app only works for mobile devices, and not phoneline based internet accounts.


In anycase, if he has AT&T DSL inmternet, a U-verse app would not work, either.


But seriously, thanks for trying! If he'd had a mobile device, the information would have been of very great help.


I have DSL, and my speed is 6Mbps. Don't think there is any differance in the connection, other than programming. In any case, don't cost anything to ask if the 6Mbps option is avalabe in your market area. The extra spped DOES cost a bit more (tier pricing) but not much more. like 14.99 verses 19.99 or some such. Discount prices, but the principal should be the same.

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Re: What is my Data Usage?

I finally got 6M at my last address after getting the same 3M only store story from the AT&T office until a local engineer ran some speed and noise tests and put in an upgrde to 6m for me after the office claimed many time that it was not available. my neighbors were not so lucky.


And believe me I've asked, begged, demanded etc. that I get better speed than 3M here but AT&T will not upgrade their slick (sp?) box to offer anything better and U-Verse is apparently out of the question. So is Morris Broadband cable. I'm in a nice acreage subdivision between Asheville and Hendersonville, NC and service in general around here is barely a step above acoustic couplers.

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Re: What is my Data Usage?

Don't thik that app mentioned has a thing to do with land lione dsl, however. Not sure there even IS a utility that monitors data over a modem. I mean, for home use.


There is, actually.  If you're a little tech. savy you can set up a third-party firmware on your router like Tomato by Shibby.  It will monitor all of your data usage for each device.  Keep in mind that AT&T tacks on about 12% more than your actual usage because AT&T factors in encapsulation data (the data used to transport data back and forth which never reaches your router).

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Re: What is my Data Usage?

Actually that was a pretty good idea. I have DD-WRT and the Status/Wan screen has monthly stats that it stores in NVRAM. Only had Nov and Dec though so not sure if it only keeps since last boot or last two months or what but I can look into that. Still, AT&T is pathetic they charge you extra on overage but does not tell you what your usage is...Thx!

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Re: What is my Data Usage?

I'm having the same problem.  I did finally after serveral hours on the phone with AT&T Customer Service people, with only a couple of them able to speak English, find a page on their website that says, due to technical reasons, they don't know how much DSL anyone uses!  That seems pretty far fetched to me!


I want to know because I have 1.5M service and someone in the AT&T store told me Saturday that there is a new service available that is like the old M-Cell for your cell phone, but this is a Hot Spot for WiFi (10 wireless connections and 1 wired, but you can add Access Points to get more wired and wireless) that AT&T now offers on a 2-year contract with 25GB/mo for $60 and 50GB/mo for $100.  Since I'm paying pretty close to $60 already for the speed I have and this new Hot Spot is like 20M-30M speed, it would be worthwhile, if I knew my usage wouldn't go over the data limits.


If anyone figures out how to get usage data, besides using Tomato of some other 3rd party firmware in their router, I bet everyone would like to konw.


Also an FYI.  Apparently in 2018 AT&T is going to do away with DSL, because it is too expensive and replace it with an over-the-air service at 5G speeds from either their existing towers or new towers they add to their network!  This will be great!  This new Hot Spot is an interum solution until that is deployed.

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