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Re: Uverse Ubasic + Uverse Internet Bundling


Uverse Ubasic + Uverse Internet Bundling

I have a Uverse Internet plan w/o any other services - it has a 1TB cap.

If I get the Uverse Ubasic package - is that enuf of an upgrade to make my internet plan qualified for unlimited data?


I only need 1 receiver - no HD/no DVR.


And - what installation fee is there to add the Ubasic?





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‎04-10-2017 5:11 AM

Re: Uverse Ubasic + Uverse Internet Bundling

Ubasic ($19) has a $99 installation charge, but will not qualify for unlimited internet.


For unlimited internet, instead of 1T cap, can either.....

1) sign up for unlimited, add $30 a month to billing or

2) subscribe to Uverse Ufamily ($50) or above TV package or equilavent ($50 or more) DirecTv package.

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Re: Uverse Ubasic + Uverse Internet Bundling

Thanks for your help.


When I went to the online acct manager, and clicked 'add more data', the info provided said if I went over the limit, I would receive a notification the first 2 times, and then be billed for a 3rd violation and beyond. But, a phone agent said that was changed and you're now charged on the first offense. Any idea which is the truth?


Also, if I wish to add data, does that go into effect immediately, and I can use as much during the month as I wish -  or at the start of the next billing cycle?


Is that charge pro-rated, or just a flat $30 more - whether I add it on the first of the month or the last?


If I decide I really don't need that much data each month, what's the procedure for going back to the 1TB limit?




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Re: Uverse Ubasic + Uverse Internet Bundling


I have ATT four family phones unlimited (no contracts), pay for Directv separately, and pay for internet separately. What kind of bundle can you offer me for unlimited access? 

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Re: Uverse Ubasic + Uverse Internet Bundling

When I get installed
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