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Upload speeds very slow


Upload speeds very slow

For a short while, couple weeks to a month, I've noticed my upload speeds are very slow. My download speeds/page loads seem fine but uploading anything takes a long time, even for small, under a MB files. 


On Dreamweaver, a 967KB picture file takes 5 minutes to upload. 

About 3 to 4 minutes to get that same file synced on Dropbox.

About 4 to 6 minutes to get that same file uploaded to Facebook. [Took a little over 8 minutes during one test]

About 5 minutes to get that same file attached to a Gmail message.

(A few times, the upload hung endlessly [about 7 minutes] and I just restarted it)


Things definately were not always this slow.


All other programs that I know of are closed so there shouldn't be anything else using the connection.


This problem seems to be the case on all computers on the network; my Mac is on a wired connection, all other computers are connected via WiFi.



AT&T Speed Test shows my Download at 2.49Mbps and Upload at .10 Mbps

2nd Test: Download 2.48 Mbps and Upload at .11 Mbps


AT&T Speed Test Screenshot: shows my Download at 2.62Mbps and Upload at .05 Mbps

2nd Test: Download 2.46 Mbps and Upload at .04 Mbps Screenshot: (uploading this image to PostImage took about 53 seconds after 3 failed uploads; the file size is 217 KB)



My plan is AT&T High Speed Internet-Pro: Download 3.0 Mbps and 384 Kbps Upload


I'd use the AT&T Troubleshoot Tool but I am running an older Mac Pro OSX 10.6.8 (Snow Leopard) and it appears to be unsupported by the tool.



I do know I am constantly over my data limits, I don't know if this has an affect on speeds somehow or not. [I don't know why there was such a drastic change in September 2013 and I can't go back any further on the graph time range].


AT&T Data Limits Graph:



If anyone can help, I'd be very appreciative; and if you need any more information, let me know.

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Re: Upload speeds very slow

I'm having the same issues and I'm ready to leave.  I pay for the supposed "Elite" connection which should be at 6Mbps but I'm getting in the very low 3Mbps range.  I contected support and they want to send a tech to my house for $99. No thank you.  Other than that I got no help.

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Former Employee

Re: Upload speeds very slow

Hello, neonman1 and AncientRock!


Thanks for posting. It sounds like you're both experiencing similar issues, and we would be happy to investigate further. Please click here to send us a private message so we can look into each of your issues.


In your messages, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.

In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Upload speeds very slow

I too am having abysmal upload rates here north of Dallas, something ~.05-.6Mbps upload. 


I have chronicled my time with AT&T here:


The 4 techs that have been to my house and swapped out my RG and ONT tell me the problem is either with a DSLAM box or a rack/shelf of network cards that have been damaged or are failing.  They also tell me multiple AOTS tickets have been submitted for this problem without any of the engineers bothering to change them out.  So I guess it's going to be cancellation time for me in two days if they can't fix these shenanigans. 



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Re: Upload speeds very slow

the only way to diagnose your issue is to know your ping as well as your broadband statistics.


my thoughts are, maybe the modem is aging?


Anyways, type -ping -t and then press Ctrl + C when you feel like it.


What's your ping?

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Re: Upload speeds very slow



I am having that problem with Uverse now, ATT can't figure out why.  Speedtest is zero for upload.

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Re: Upload speeds very slow

Personally I found out that my computer must have some type of virus because my network proxy settings were changed without my knowledge and was using a proxy server. As soon as I disabled it my upload shot up to 6 from .02

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