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Too much email spam


Too much email spam

I am getting too many spams daily. Sometimses as many between 30 - 60 spams. If this continue I cancel my account.

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Re: spams



 Please use the following link that will assist you in stopping your spam issue.


Tips to avoid email spam




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Re: spams

I'm getting too many spam e-mails, and they're all pornographic and most of them show to be coming from me!  I must have clicked on an e-mail for an online pharmacy that provoked this.  They are getting worse and even though I delete them without opening, I'm getting very tired of them even coming into my mailbox.  Tonight I blocked my own name but that's not good as I at times do send something to my yahoo account from my account.  I need help here!

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Re: spams

I know this is post is about 2 years old but if the SPAM is coming from your own account you should immediately change your email password.  I have no idea how the hackers mangage to get passwords but I've had that happen.  Once you change your password, you should stop receiveng SPAM from yourself. 


The puported "solution" from the ATT employee is virtually worthless.  Most people with a pulse understand that if you put your email on the internet, it is obviously a source of SPAM.  What ATT needs is robust SPAM filtering which helps us avoid SPAM.  I think they do have a filter, but there is no way for customers to add to the database.  


THAT is what we need ATT!

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Re: spams

I am having the same problem.  Spam coming from my own account.  I changed my password, and it did not help at all.  And I have gone from getting virtually zero spam in my inbox, to getting HUNDREDS per day.  I am missing important emails because they get lost in the spam and it takes me hours to weed through them all.  What has happened to AT&T spam guard?

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Re: spams

I have also received all my spam email in my inbox today, and some yesterday. Some are from me, and most of them are the usual stuff that I clear out of my spam folder every few days. Something isn't working like it should, AT&T!

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Re: spams

same here, help ATT.  its your issue. the spam filter will not filter out our own email address.  its a false spam the bounces off of the original sender on to us!!!!   also the sender is programed to change each time you put it in "banned folder"

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