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This is really ridiculous.


This is really ridiculous.

I watch our internet data usage like a hawk since AT&T added the 150gb cap. Every month we come so close to the cap and there have been months we went over it by just a tiny bit and of course were charged the $10 for 50gb. What is ridiculous is when we get charged for 50gb of data when we have no days left in the month. This month is says we went over by .83, if I'm remembering that correctly. We have no days left and get charged a crazy amount of money for such a tiny amount of data usage. I really wish we could leave AT&T. As it stands right now we bundle so we don't have any choice but to stay with AT&T. As soon as we can though, we are leaving AT&T. I have had enough of their antics. We have been a loyal customer for a very long time and this is how they repay customer loyalty. It makes me sick.

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Re: This is really ridiculous.

You are not being charged 10.00 for the .83 gigs you are being charged for the additional 50gb added to your account regardless of how many days you have left until your billing cycle renews, I use to have the same issue with my kids going over several times a month each and found it was cheapper to add the smart limits to my account (5 per phone) as opposed to 20-30 each month for each phone. AT&T does this so you wont get a disruption in service. Convenience? maybe to some maybe not to others,but i would be angrier being somewhere without data available over having 10 dollars added .

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Re: This is really ridiculous.

This doesn't have anything to do with wireless data usage. It is all about the data cap. It makes me angry that AT&T charges me $10 extra dollars for 50gb of data that I have no way to use. I would like to know how AT&T calculates the data usage to begin with? It doesn't make sense to me to have a data usage calculator on the website when the last data that is listed is from a couple days ago. Today is 4/30 and the last day of my billing cycle, however the last documented data usage is from a couple days ago of which I was still under our allotted data usage. I don't understand how they add the extra charge but don't show the data usage that i'm being charged for? If AT&T can add the charge and say that we went over our data cap then I would like to know the numbers involved. I have done everything I can to check where the data usage is coming from and I still can't find what the source of all that data usage is coming from.

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Re: This is really ridiculous.

I've been complaining about this for quite a while now (see my previous post on the 150GB data cap).  I completely agree with you and I think something definitely needs to be done.  I have contacted AT&T several times and the only response I get is that "they will look into it" and they will mention it at their meetings.


There is no oversight on how they calculate their data even though my data monitoring consistently shows that I use 10% less than they report.  Also, the 2-3 day lag in reporting data makes it extremely difficult to manage your data usage at the end of the month to insure that you don't go over.  And like you said, if you do go over by even a small amount you get charged for the entire 50GB block that does NOT get rolled over to the next month.


It's absurd and should be illegal, but of course peons like ourselves can't afford the lobbyists that AT&T can afford to change the way they do business.  If there is ever any competition in my area I would cancel AT&T in a heartbeat.

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Re: This is really ridiculous.

I've been monitoring usage for a while and have had to use a correciton factor of between 1.12 to 1.19 (12-19%) to adjust to AT&T numbers.  The way I understand it, the router only measures TCP/IP traffic (Layer 3), while AT&T numbers include data link signaling (Layer 2).


An arugument could be made either way whether the signaling data is used by the consumer or the provider; however, it is extremely annoying that DSL users get nicked and dimed to no end.

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Re: This is really ridiculous.

I solved my ATT Internet Data Cap Usage problem. I switched to Suddenlink and now have unlimited data and a much higher speed. Bye Bye ATT

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