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Scheduled payments


Scheduled payments

So I set up a scheduled payment last night for today because i get paid today. Well at&t tried taking the payment this morning before my paycheck hit, making the payment unsuccessful. So I just went and paid it again and it went through. My question is, will that unsuccessful scheduled payment try to take from my bank account again or once it's unsuccessful then its not going to try and take the payment anymore?
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‎07-28-2018 11:01 AM

Re: Scheduled payments

Hi @Serinaburk,


We apologize about that. The previous payment will not be charged again. After the first unsuccessful attempt, we do not process the payment again. We apologize about the issues once again.



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Re: Scheduled payments

I scheduled a payment a few weeks ago and it’s scheduled to be drafted tomorrow.  Tonight I noticed that the bill was almost doubled.  Forgetting about the scheduled payment I paid the entire bill leaving a zero balance.  Because the scheduled payment can’t be deleted my only option is to edit the payment amount and date to when the next bill is due.  Will that delete the original scheduled payment for tomorrow....Or will they take the payment out tomorrow and then take it out again for the edited date that I put in tonight?

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