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SBCGlobal Account and OATH (Yahoo/Verizon)


SBCGlobal Account and OATH (Yahoo/Verizon)

I have an @sbcglobal email account, which was with AT&T, went to Yahoo and supposedly bought back  by AT&T again, BUT serviced  by Yahoo, who was just bought by Verizon and is now called OATH. We WILL NOT sign the OATH disclosure do to its "spy and sell data" policy",  so Yahoo/Verizon said they will cancel our Yahoo Account.   There is NO AT&T service in this area (Florida), and this email has  been "free".  Do we need to just cancel our @sbcglobal email address??  Our Home page is YAHOO, which has a lot of functionality that AT&T does not have (finance, Personal pages,......).  Does the OATH privacy policy ONLY affect emails, or everything on the YAHOO site??  LOL

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Re: SBCGlobal Account and OATH (Yahoo/Verizon)

Does the OATH privacy policy ONLY affect emails, or everything on the YAHOO site?

The OATH says they collect info whenever you use their services.  It doesn't single out only the email service.  So it appears that it's everything.   Note that by using the yahoo "services" beyond the May 25'th date (see OATH TOS, first paragraph) you already did agree to the OATH TOS (see section 12c).


Your sbcglobal account has been (theoretically) "unmerged" from yahoo but the email still uses the yahoo servers so your email is subject to those OATH TOS.


ATT and Yahoo are two separate companies.  If you have a Verizon account with a Verizon/yahoo email other than the sbcglobal account, then just use that other account and forget about the sbcglobal account.  Either way it looks to me you are stuck under OATH.  For email at least nothing says you have to use their email.  There are plenty of free and pay email service providers to choose from (stay clear of AOL of course).  Your choice. 


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Re: SBCGlobal Account and OATH (Yahoo/Verizon)

Thanks, I did see the 25May,  but did not know I agreed to OPT-IN - Normal unethical business practice that Congess was supposed to change, but were bought off. I have been moving and notifying everything to Thunderbird/Mozella for the last 30 days.  Will miss the better home screen functionality that Yahoo has over AT&T's, which is "basic".   Have know AT&T for 30+ years--used to be great telecommunications,  but terrible in Software Applications, but lost big time, when they tried to sell IT services and Computers years ago.  They need to hire people from CSC, Accenture, YAHOO or other companies that understand Software!  I will just drop YAHOO. Marissa Mayer destroyed Yahoo, sold Alibaba, took her money and ran--normal corporate practice.
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