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Reward Card stops working after one purchase


Reward Card stops working after one purchase



I've gotten several reward cards over the past year of my service with AT&T, and I don't think I've once actually been able to use the entire value on the card. I recently received one worth $20, and I used it once for a purchase well under $20. It worked the one time, but it has not worked since then.


When I go to the website on the back of the card, I keep getting errors when I enter the card number and the PIN (the last 4 digits of your account number, or so I learned from another forum post). The expiration date for the current card under question has not passed. I can't find a way to even look at the history of transactions since I can't log in to the website. 


Anyone else have or had issues like this? I don't keep receipts for little purchases, so I don't have any proof of what I've used the card for, but in the future I'll keep better track of it. It's been more of a hassle than a reward because I've tried to use it several times since the first to no avail. 



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Re: Reward Card stops working after one purchase

Hello @krw718 


You card won't work if you're trying to charge any amount larger than what's available on the card, it has to be ran for the exact amount or less. Is there a phone number on the card that you can call and talk to a representative?




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Re: Reward Card stops working after one purchase

Thanks for the info, but I'm pretty sure the first purchase I made with it was only a few dollars, and every purchase I've tried to make with it (unsuccessfully) since then has been only a few dollars too. But I have no way of knowing because I can't log in to the website and when I've tried to use the automated system, the combo of card number and PIN I use hasn't gotten me through.


I'll try calling the number I guess - and continue to rack up the amount of time I spend on the phone dealing with various AT&T issues. Hopefully there's a way to reach a representative on the number.

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