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New DSL internet issues


New DSL internet issues

I ordered new DSL internet on AT&T website in Miami Beach, FL. Order went successful and I received a confirmation number WIY9V9PPA613 (service activation date 01-Sep-14)


Later on I got an email that I am missing information. I called back after 2-3 hours when I saw message and found they never placed an order. Spoke with David in customer care and he did not take any other special information than verification. He told we never placed your order and we are doing it now would you like to go ahead and service start date will be 4-Sep-14. 


It take 10 days to start service - amazing!!


I asked for supervisor who in turn told many lies that your address was not in our system. They I asked him how on the earth the order got processed with ADDRESS CHECKING online.


I gave feedback during order only that the website speed was horribly slow meaning 1 hour to navigate 4-5 pages to complete order. Customer care was not at all aware of it. I verified for continuous 2 days same thing. I work on company vpn and sitting on 20 MBPS line browsing many websites but never faced this issue of slowness other than AT&T ordering.


I requested supervisor that the loss of time is due to AT&T issues, please start my service on 01-Sep-14 but they blamed me only. I see that Miami is suffering from monopoly of AT&T and Atlantic Broadband and both are poor in service levels - no match with comcast. I told Mr Supversor (Armando) that this will be reported to senior management and I found this place to give these kind of poor service, an attention for management to train support and improve quality of service.


I hope they don't repeat the same experience here too.

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Re: New DSL internet issues


Hi @alakhniranjan17 


I'm very sorry for the installation issues you've been experiencing. I believe they schedule install to be done as soon as possible based on the load and already schedules appointments. If you need still need help with anything, you can send us a private message by using the link in my signature below. Please include your full name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Please let me know if you have nay other questions.


Thank you,


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