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Neighbor on my network......bah humbug but it is fixed now!


Neighbor on my network......bah humbug but it is fixed now!

I have been having SLOW issues on my wireless PC. Lots of suggestions for fixes came from help on this forum. Best one....I THOUGHT...was to load a program called inssidr ????? That showed who was on the same channel I was.  Changing that channel seemed to help a lot.  


THEN...this morning, I had tons of interruptions and "kick-outs" similar to times before.  I remembered the 192 number that the ATT rep gave me, opened my network, and found that a neighbor was using my wireless signal. I found that his machine was ACTIVE which it wasn't when we looked before...and...called ATT help.


I first tried chat but kept getting kicked out there, then got a ATT rep who I couldn't understand....but...being patient (ha! ) I finally got  a bright young lady that had me fixed in minutes.  New WAP instead of WEP security system and new passwords  and all is well. signal strength on my TIVO meter jumped from 52% average to 75% instantly.  All is well now, I hope.  


Thanks ATT help.  Rich

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Re: Neighbor on my network......bah humbug but it is fixed now!

Good news and .....?

Further investigation shows that the neighbor did NOT have access to my computer. My bad...Glad I didn't confront anyone. 

What did happen though....since I THOUGHT he was getting into my system..was that I now have a stronger protection system and a much faster uploading and downloading. Seems WPA lets more info through than WEP??? Anyhow, that is what I read someplace. Sure seems faster to me and my TIVO says so, too.

I was tricked by seeing a ton of games on the STRANGE connection. Turns out that the STRANGE connection was my HP printer E-print system which allows wireless printing. For some weird reason, they list tons of games as being able to use the connection. I have NO IDEA why a printer system would list a ton of games???? Maybe they print out strategy or something. Never played any of those games so I wouldn't know.

Anyhow, No neighbor troubles; faster computer; and a stronger system. Can't be all bad. I wanted to post this correction so no one else would think they had a neighbor issue when they did not.
regards, Rich


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Re: Neighbor on my network......bah humbug but it is fixed now!

I'm glad that your solution was solved without any problems from your neighbor. Good information too because I have a friend with the similar issue and I'm gonna pass this info along to see if WPA helps him. Thanks for posting such a detailed response. We need more postings like this because you were very detailed. Again thanks for sharing.
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