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Re: Disconnected my phone when they decombined the bill - 2 weeks ago. AT&T will NOT return my calls.

Hello @kathy61344, 

We saw your post and will be glad to help. Please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include:

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We will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, let us know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: Landline needed ASAP

I agree with the statement in that AT&T is no longer "wanting" to install copper service but not "coming out and saying it".  They can't say it directly because AT&T is still the carrier of last resort in their service territories and they are obligated to offer basic telephone service in their territory.  But what shape and form that takes depends on whether the particular state has deregulated ILEC carriers.  However, as far as I know, in most of their territory they are simply "coaxing" people to get off of copper and sometimes misleading them into thinking copper service is not available.  But legally, if your neighbors have copper, they must also offer it to you.


In my state, Illinois, telephone service is still regulated.  When I ordered telephone service two years ago they did everything to try and get me onto Uverse voice, even telling me they were phasing out regular phone service.  But as soon as I said that they were breaking the law and that I was entitled to POTS service they changed their tune and took the order.  It did take over 3 weeks to get my service connected but since it is regulated, they had to pay me a penalty for not connecting the service more quickly.  And since it's regulated, it's dirt cheap.  I have unlimited local calling, caller ID and call waiting for $19/month.


I have noticed over the past 6 months AT&T has changed their tune.  They used to always try to coax me to Uverse and imply that regular phone service would be discontinued.  Then they started saying they were going to sell off their copper service.  And now they are actually saying that POTS service will continue to be offered.  I don't know if they got in trouble with regulators or if it is because their fiber roll out is way behind Verizon's and perhaps, at least for now, it's cheaper to maintain the copper network instead of installing new fiber.  


And I think the regulations are actually stricter in rural areas where there are less options.  In states such as Kentucky, some regulations have been dropped but still do apply to rural areas below a certain population.  Personally, I like the AT&T wireless home phone.  It is superior to voip in that you don't need internet and the battery back lasts a few days not a few hours.  And the service quality is much better than competitors, no installation is necessary and you can hook it up to your home phone wiring and it will ring all of your phones.


Check your state laws and order phone service while reminding AT&T that they are obligated to provide it.  

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No service

For the last week I have had no service on my At&t landline. I have had spotty service at best on this line for the last 18 months. The At&t tech's say they know what the problem is but it has to be fixed by a different person. HELP ME!!!!!!! My husband is very ill and we are supposed to be calling in health numbers to his doctor everyday and we can't. We live in the country and cell phones don't work here. I NEED my landline for emergency reasons. HELP, HELP, HELP!!!!!


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My mothers phone

I have called twice regarding my mothers phone outage.  She is on a Lifeline unit and the phone needs to be repaired before the estimated 12/21 date.  I realize some of the phone outages in that area occurred after a fire burnt the fiber optic lines, however, my mothers neighbors have working phone service.  She has no dial tone and when you call her number you get a busy signal.


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Landline settlement check

I am still waiting on my landline settlement refund! I was with them the ENTIRE time this "third party" was bilking their customers. I have been patient...over it! Cancelling my ATt cell service... THIEVES!!
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No technician and wrong area code

No techician showed up and the area code I was given when I set up new service is wrong.

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they is something extremely wrong going on with my phone.. do u covering security attacks??
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well cable guys said the could give me what i was getting , with them for cheaper , well too many error messages just using the remote thier dvr which is a night mear to use. they ported my phone number to thier services, took everything back and told them to shut it off , i never touch the at&t land line,U-verse T/internet and home phone well tech came out sat back up internet was rock soild to begin with but still NO PHONE how do i get it back?


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domestic long distance calls require access code

While trying to call PA from FL --- I am getting a recorded message: "Were sorry, a long distance access code is required for the number you have dialed. Please dial your call with the access code."

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Email address for supervisor who can listen and act

Tired of getting runaround on phone. I would please like the email address of a customer repair support person in the Lower Middle Tennessee area. My mother (83 years old) only has a land line. It has been in and out of service for six weeks. She has had numerous heart attacks in the last month and cannot call an ambulance or life alert if phone is out of order. The tech gave me hs phone number but this time her phone has been out three days. I live an hour away. It worries me when she cannot be reached. There must be a solution. Why is she paying for a service she is not receiving? Please send me email ASAP.

Thank you!
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Need phone repair help

I am an old lady living in area where mobile phones do not work. This land line is the only phone available to me.  On Nov. 21, 2016, I reported problem.  Tech came on 11/29, said problem on outside. In a couple of days men with spray cans and flags marked street, my yard and three other lots.  Two weeks ago a man said he was from Irish construction and needed permits to do trenching. Since that time I have made innumerable calls to repair, internet status, chat lines.  I recive 2 types of response, a. they have no record of my repair ticket or they will look it up and call me back.  I have received no calls.  Inaddition, the construction co. has no reachable phone.  I am beyond frustration here. What is my next step? 


thank you,

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can i change my landline number

can i change my home phone number
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Seriously in need of help please.

I have tried several times to resolve this on the phone. I have been told by two reps that I need to be transferred to another department to get my problem resolved but both reps transferred me wrong. The first time I went to the automated system and the second time collections. On 12/12 I got a text stating that my installation couldn't be completed that day but was priority to be rescheduled. I assumed it was the wrong number as I have not talked to anyone with AT&T since October. A couple of days later a technician shows up at my door. I was sleeping. I answer door and he says that he needs to come in just for a minute to complete his job order. He was finished outside and only needed to switch something on my modem. I asked why he was even here. He said to change my phone line from u verse to a landline. I said that I hadn't ordered anything to be done. He told me he just follows the order tickets for the day and just needed to do something to my modem to complete his job order. He told me to call the 800 number. I also asked if this would change my bill or service, but again he said to call and ask. Since he had already done most of the work outside and was so eager to finish I allowed him in. (When I opened this account in Oct, the first week u verse kept going out. The phone went out with it. I spoke to someone then about separating my phone to be a landline so it wouldn't go out. The year prior my service was constantly going out and I can't have my phone doing the same. The person I spoke with said "let's see how service is after the techs finish before changing it." I agreed. After that first week and numerous techs the service has finally been good consistently. Because service had been fine, I forgot all about changing the phone. Had I been asked before this job order was generated in very likely would have said no I didn't want it changed, especially after learning that my bill would be higher and I lost long distance and caller ID. I would like my phone to be put back how it was and would like to know why this even happened in the first place. So far no one I have talked to with AT&T can tell me. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


[Edited for privacy-This is a public forum. Please do not post personal or unique information such as but not limited to full names, employee ID numbers, email addresses, phone numbers, account numbers, etc.]

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how do i locate a person with att to take an interest in my problem

how can i find someone who will take an honest interest in tackeling my little problem, so far my wife and i have spent the better part of 80 to a 100 hours trying to get someone with att to fix our problem I dont think anyone there can do it not that it cant be done its either they are not competent or they just dont want to do it. I have told my story to att untill i am horase really not kidding.

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Re: Disconnected my phone when they decombined the bill - 2 weeks ago. AT&T will NOT return my

It is now December 30th.  Other than the message above which I responded to on December 18th with the additional information - NOTHING HAS CHANGED!  My phone still does not work AND NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME from AT&T.   I didn't even get the $50 credit Melody offered me a month ago when this first mess first started.  Is there anyone at AT&T that gives a darn about their customers??!!

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