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Need Immediate DSL or Landline Assistance?

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Help With Bill

I am a rather urgent question pertaining to my bill. But customer service is already closed for the evening. Can I be helped here?
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Phone is saying Line In Use

I trying to help my elderly parents with their phone. They can't call or receive any calls. When you call their number the phone continue to ring. The phone message says LINE IN USE. Please help
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No help before bill goes to collections?

The rep. cut the call off when I requested that my landline service be cancelled due to them refusing to adjust the high charge for Internet calls.

Any way for a manager to handle this? I would rather come to an agreement and pay then to have it go to collections.  

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Being overcharged & landline not working over a year

It's been over a year now and my landline is still not working. The original number was not ported over even though I rented a TW modem for 2 mo.s to allow more time. I keep trying to get the services bundled - ATT landline, dsl internet and Directv. I originally ordered the services as a bundle on Jan, 8th, 2016 withe offer of 2 reward VISAs, one for $100 and one for $50. DTV installed their part Jan 11th and told me reward cards typically took about 10 days. ATT was installed on Jan 14th. The ATT installer could not hook up internet to Genies so after trying for 2 month to connect wirelessly, gave up and moved dsl gateway to living room and connected with ethernet cable. After hours and hours, days and days, months and months on the phone with many ATT people they decided to cancel my account and give me new bundle with new temporary phone number. This did not work. So they gave me back original temp no. and it cannot even call our cell phones. I am told by DTV that I did indeed qualify for bundle price and VISA cards but ATT says I am entitled to bundle price but do not qualify for VISAs. I hate this service! The phone has been useless, internet connectivity is slow and intermittent and I hate that you must download On Demand. With TW you just clicked it and began watching. With DTV you cannot even read titles and have to select each one to be able to read titles of movies. I am being charged about $250 a month when it should be $89.99 +tax. I feel I am entited to return of funds for overcharge and reward cards but ATT rep laughed at me and said they would NEVER give me a cent back. I am elderly and disabled and so disgusted with this "service" I could scream.  What recourse do I have? What will it cost me to cancel services and go nack to TW? How do I get money back for a phone that NEVER worked?

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Re: Need clear path for formal escalation of billing error on land line service

I hope there was a resolution. I am still dealing with nearly the same issue. Seems some of the sales people handling evening calls are not quite up to speed when it comes to their knowledge of plans and are selling to make sales and not passing on the actual facts of charges, at least from what I gathered from my last customer service agent contact. Outsourcing sales and cs reps, is looking to be more of a headache than a help for the customer.
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Still billed cancelled service

Cancelled oct of 2016 DSL, still being billed after 6 phone calls and all saying the same thing, "we see you cancelled in oct of 16, we will back date and pro rate and you won't be billed again", yet 3 months later I am still receiving a bill and it keeps piling up from 52 to now 182. Unreal, awful service the worst I have ever had in my life that more time is being spent 40-60 minutes each call and at&t has yet to do the job. Can someone finish this up so I can stop being billed?
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Dear AT&T
My husband & I have been trying to purchase your DSL, which we had previously & were satisfied customers, we discontinued temporarily while we were out of town for a season then when we came back your agents had told us there is a caps on the port in our area, I am very concerned because I wonder what does it take to acquire another port in our area, I mean all you would have to do is let our neighbors know the port is now available so as to off set the cost to you. How can this be resolved, we are currently unfortunate customers of HUGHES NET, in which we were forced to go this route we have always chosen AT&T as our premium carrier. We were bundled with AT&T & Direct tv even before the merge was complete. So please get back to us!
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Re: Landline needed ASAP

It has now been a month since this exchange and I have received NO communication from your company and I STILL have NO phone!

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All Access

After months of trying to get on this program I was accepted, sort of.  AT&T set up another account number for this DSL and was charging me for 2 DSL lines (really?) I fixed that problem via phone help in Dec.  My bill was 31.06 since I'm signed up for automatic payments I thought nothing of it.  The amount was paid in time.  Now I get the bill for Jan. I have a late fee and I'm being charged 44.00 for my DSL.  I do not think I am responable for the late fee.  It was done by the AT&T auto payments and charging me the old amount..  This is trying my pactience.  Now I have a total bill of 94.64,  Help!

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Friends calling us get wrong referial number.

We recently changed our phone number and somehow the operator, who tells the callers " The number you are trying to reach no longer exists and has been changed to ___-___-____ this number refers callers to a WRONG NUMBER... MY WIFE HAS BLOWN HER TOPTRYING TO GET IT CHANGED TO THE CORRECT NUMBER. Operators and att. techies seem incapable of understanding this And cannot, repeat cannot seem to grasp our problem. All they have to do is change two numbers in their message so our friends will know how to reach us.

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I need To Setup My Computer to My Att Account and DSL network

I need HELP to setup My Computer with My Att Account and DSL network I need to setup My att.net account and My gmail account with passwords  I lost and I cant get anything to work with the accounts I know.

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passing the buck

For going on almost two weeks since ordering faster internet speed( which isn't faster by the way), and direct TV, we have actually lost phone service, land and I phone. Have had so many workers out here and yet not ONE finishes fixing the mess the last one leaves. We now have a wire strung across the back yard that's supposed to be buried, yet NO one at ATT seems to know anything about it.... what gives?
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Disconnected Service

I diconnected my dsl service on 11.14.2016, that was tied to a phone number in 2010. That was when att let you have dsl without a home phone. Since that time when i disconnected the service I all of a sudden have a home phone that I am being billed. Everytime I call customer service I get your outsourcing company (hince we get what you pay for) and it is frustrating because they do not understand that I am being charged for a service I do not have or never had. Yes I had internet and yes I had a phone number but that number could not receive calls nor make calls because it was tied to the dsl. Now mind you I currently have u verse and the trouble I am having with being billed for a home phone is quite troubling as well as your outsourced employees keep hanging up on me and never resolve the issues and tell lies. My mama always said a lie dont care who told it just as long as its told. Att i am very disappointed in the jacked up run around i have been getting. So i want to know when you plan to stop billing me for a service that should have been disconnected in Novemver 2016 and when you will stop billing me and when you will credit the now collection account of all charges. I have called on 11.14.2016; 11.28.2016; 12.5.2016, 1.28.2016. I was locked out of the acct sometimes in December due to msg saying the acct was closed but yet i just received a bill for $60.60
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I too keep receiving bills for a home phone service that has been diconnected since November 1, 2016. I too have been unable to access the online accout since I made my final bill payment and received a message that the account was closed with 0 balance.

Now the account has been turned over to collections after being assured by att outsourced customer service that they would take care of the mistake made by att. Also everytime I call att they mysteriously show my first call is actually the last call I have made about the problem. Also every call they mysteriously hang up on me.

Now mind you i keep a record of my calls just a misspelling of names. I am so disappointed in the customer service, the audacity to turn me over to collections for an amount I never owed, that you are pursuing to tarnish my credit and the audacity to bill me another 60$ that is due 2.2017. I am also appalled at the rudeness of your outsourcing company that hang up because I am frustrated with your Rallu, Hannah, Heidi, and a name I can neither spell nor pronounce.

I AM UPSET THAT YOU KEEP TRYING TO CHARGE ME FOR A HOME PHONE I NEVER HAD AND DO NOT OWE THE AMOUNT IN COLLECTIONS OR CURRENTLY DUE. I AM A CURRENT UVERSE CUSTOMER. How can you as a company treat your customers that continue to have your service after all of this is beyond me.

Now several things must happen, you rectify the collections issue and make sure it is not reflected on my credit, you stop billing me for a home phone that I never had or could use and you make sure I get the best customer service I have had since I became a customer many years ago. Also send me my 300 rewards card for bundling my service when I called to order service at my new home the first of November 2016 and that service was correctly and efficiently installed by a wonderful technician. This has been an ongoing nightmare and it must stop. I am trusting ATT to rectify this matter as soon as possible.
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How do I add 'caller-ID to my land line

Telephone Retiree AT&T [edited for privacy – please do not post personal information]

Add caller ID to landline & at what additional charge



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