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My First Month with AT&T


My First Month with AT&T

So I wanted to share my experience of the first month with at&t in my new apartment.


In my last apartment I was using spectrum. Their offer was 100mbps and their speed was never less than 150mbps.


One day one of my friends said at&t is even better. So I decided to give it a try when I moved into a new apartment.


Usually I prefer to talk in person for buying any product or service. So I went to their store and checked in for an walk-in appointment. It was a beautiful store and I didn’t mind waiting for my call except the wait was too long. I sat in a corner and was observing the people who were serving. There were 4/5 people in the walk-in list and there were more than 4/5 people serving their customers. However people who walked in started to leave because the wait was too long and the people who were serving started to disappear somewhere inside the store. So at some point I decided to leave too (even tho there were only two names in the walk-in list for a long time) and asked the lady standing by the gate to remove my name from the walk-in list. She said she could help me at that moment and I went back in.


I had good experience with her. I discussed with her about all the plans. To be honest I was looking for cheapest deal (FYI I’m a poor graduate student). So I chose internet basic 5. She said it’s gonna be $30 per month including all. That is cheaper than spectrum($50). I went for it. I asked her and texted her multiple times to ensure about the price since the at&t website says it’s $40.


I asked for self installation. It should have been pretty straightforward except I couldn’t get broadband connection during the activation day. So I called tech support. I was informed that the tech guy couldn’t finish his job before scheduled time(2:00pm). She asked me to wait until (8:00pm) and it didn’t work after 8:00 pm too.


So I called tech support multiple times and they did some troubleshooting and I still couldn’t get the broadband connection. One guy suggested to schedule an appointment with a technician to fix the issue and he said if the problem is not with at&t device I have to pay $100. So I scheduled the appointment. I was told I will receive a call before the arrival of technician. So I was holding my phone with me during that time and when I went to check my mail the technician was gone(I received a text that he missed me lol. I didn’t get any call). So I called at&t to schedule another appointment. The guy who received the call said there is a problem with my account and actually I have to pay $40 and then my internet will work. I was reconsidering at&t at that moment because by paying $10 more I could get 95mbps more speed from spectrum. I went for at&t anyway. Then he asked me to schedule another appointment which will be free of charge. In the meantime I got email from at&t to give their U-verse back as apparently I have deactivated their account(I couldn’t even activate my account in the first place).


So my next appointment time was from 11:00am to 1:00pm and no one showed up. Then I got a text from at&t right before 1pm saying technician might not arrive during the scheduled time and asked if I am still interested to get my internet installed today without mentioning any specific time period. So I called at&t one more time to know when the technician is arriving.  So the technician arrived after an hour and set it up. The problem was there was no broadband connection. He had go back and open ports (which should have been done by at&t before my activation date and I could activate myself). I asked him if he can help me set up U-verse with my airport time capsule. I felt bad to see the look on his face. I did it myself when he left.


So finally my internet is working. It took about 20 days for at&t to provide me 5mbs speed. So my question is, what did I do wrong during the whole process for the delay?

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‎06-21-2018 8:26 PM

Re: My First Month with AT&T

My opinion, went to a store.....


Everything is available online, enter your address, list of what services and pricing available.


The $30 price promotion is when bundle the service with either DirecTv, Uverse IPTV or a post paid wireless account. The bundle offers $10 discount off the stand along price $40.


Next, is not a fan of self installs. Paying the $99 full tech install either as one payment on first bill or $33 on first three bills is best, again my opinion. Install the day expect most times, equipment from tech instead of shipment, assist with registration process, verify service. Considering with drive time, crossbox, terminal, nid work plus any cat5e wiring, jack placement, etc. Say 2 to 2.5 hours start to finish is not that expensive, again my opinion.


A failed CSI, customer self install happens about 40% of time in my experience. 60% CSIs are good. Just do not like odds, the extra wait for a tech plus billing starts on activation date, not when service is actually working (covered in TOS and fine print). 


Conclusion, in todays society with ability to search and educate online, just believe any new purchase should start online. 

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: My First Month with AT&T



Thank you for taking time responding to my question.

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