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Issues with IPTV streaming


Issues with IPTV streaming

Hi, I have AT&T fiber, network is super fast, no problems of any kind. 1Gb.


Recently I started using an IPTV service to watch Italian television. AT&T causes buffering each few seconds, then restarts in few seconds, and so on.


I tried everything I could read, but this issue is always there.


The only way this IPTV service works from my home is when I use a VPN service. Sometimes is the VPN itself that is a bit slow, which causes buffering.


This IPTV service works perfectly with other providers here in Austin (Spectrum, Grande) and even from my AT&T iPhone, when connected to the cellular network, works fine.


This is VERY frustrating, for some reasons AT&T is creating problems to the IPTV streaming. I'd love to be able to use this without VPN, especially because the VPN service from my android TV is very unreliable, so at the end I almost always watch IPTV from the computer, and not my smart TV.


Any idea you could share about this mystery, would be great.




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Re: Issues with IPTV streaming

Good day @PaoloPapi,

I see you are dealing with a streaming issue and I would be happy to assist in resolving this. 

Does the IPTV service which you are using provides an option to change the streaming quality?  You may also try and change the quality settings to low and see if it still buffers.

Please let me know what you find out.  Thank you for your time and patience!

Aaron, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Issues with IPTV streaming

Hi, thanks for your message, but my problem has nothing to do with bandwidth.

I have Gigapower, speed is great. I can stream all kind of high quality videos in all possible ways.


Moreover, as I told you, if I enable a VPN service, it works. And the VPN itselt of course also takes some bandwidth.


This is related with something being blocked for the IPTV streaming by AT&T. 


Is there any way you can trace my problem ? It is quite frustrating this doesn't happen with other providers, and with AT&T I have to use a VPN, which itself has frequently problems. This IPTV service is super fast and works with other providers (or even AT&T if I use it from my cell phone with the cellular network). But with AT&T Internet Gigapower, using my home gateway, something is going on and is causing buffering each few seconds.


I hope you can help, I'm thinking to switch provider soon if this cannot be resolved. This IPTV is important for my family.





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Re: Issues with IPTV streaming



I have the same issue. I am using a wireless wifi ATT and I am not able to watch IPTV - "Cannot open URL". I tried another wifi and it worked well...

So do you now whats wrong with my wifi? Is IPTV blogged for wireless wifi ATT?


I am using a Negear AirCard 797S. 


Thank you in advance. 

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Re: Issues with IPTV streaming

I just switched to AT&T a couple days ago (from Charter Spectrum). Streaming IPTV was no problem until AT&T. Not happy. Not worth it. I'm going back to Charter Spectrum if this can't be fixed QUICK!!

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