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Is DSL available at my address?

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Is DSL available at my address?

With, it's easy to check for DSL availability in your area. Simply click on the link below to view the different available speeds and packages.


DSL Availability



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Re: Is DSL available at my address?

Once on the page, you can click "Check Availability" to input your address and view different DSL packages and pricing.

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Not enoough nodes to get DSL to my address

About 3 years ago when I had DSL thru AT&T the line went down. After about 2 weeks of estimated repair time coming and going I decided to switch to satellite internet service. Big mistake. Being unhappy, I contacted AT&T to re3instate my DSL service at which time they stated that all the nodes were taken and I could no longer get acess. I have been trying ever since then to get back on. I would like to know when or if AT&T is planning on increasing their node capability in my area. Bird Creek Estate Rd. Black Mountain, nc 28711

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DSL availability

I have been trying to get dsl at my home. The answers I have been getting is "no ports avail." Then try at a later time and get "too far from DSLAM". There are at least 4 houses on Family property (about 40acres) that has dsl. I am about 4 blocks by road from DSLAM. I have tried to get DSL since DSLAM was installed about 4 years ago. As for the last excuse being too far, one neighbors lines go directly past my house so how is that even feasible that I'm too far. Is there any way to get DSL at my house at all or is it just a loss cause?!?
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