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Internet upload speeds


Internet upload speeds

What are the upload speeds for the various internet plans (home not cellular), Pro, Max. Elite, etc.

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Re: Internet upload speeds



     I have included two links below, the first is for DSL Internet the second Uverse Internet. I'm not sure what service is in your particular area.


DSL Plans



Uverse Plans


Thank you,


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Re: Internet upload speeds

Well, thanks for the response, and sorry I didn't mention that I am interested in the Uverse packages...but where on that page (or anywhere else) does it say anything about Upload speeds.  I've searched the site and much of the forums and can find nothing referring to upload speeds for the various Uverse plans.

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Re: Internet upload speeds

Another forum member posted the following U-Verse upload speeds:


24 Mbps down provides 3.0 Mbps up.

18 and 12 Mbps down provide 1.5 Mbps up

6 Mbps down provides 1.0 Mbps up


I too looked all over the ATT website and could not find any mention of upload speeds.  This is probably because they are not proud of their slow upload speeds.  I constantly get around 4.0 Mbps upload speeds with Charter (cable) basic internet service.  ATT cannot match that speed even with their fastest U-verse package.


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Re: Internet upload speeds

While other ISPs have consistently offered upload rates at 50% of download rates at any tier of service - for the past 20 years - AT&T seems to have broken new ground by providing their customers with upload speeds at 10% of download speeds, as a matter of rigid policy. They then, as another posted here, conceal this information from customers and prospects by simply omitting their upload speeds from any other their sell copy and technical copy. I just asked a tech support rep if there is an option to upgrade the upload rate only (something closer to the standard 50% would be acceptable) and he confessed no such option exists. Even at the impressive dowload tier of 24 Mb/Sec, their upload rate would only be a greuling 3 Mb/Sec. For those of us who work on the web, the 50% standard has always been a painful reality; however, this new "standard" of 10% is going to drive me to a competitor, regrettably. Sadly, their support rep was not at liberty to offer any remedy to help retain this customer.

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Re: Internet upload speeds

I'm disappointed as well. I have the Max Plus which advertises as 18 up and according to you guys, 1.5 down. However in practice, I receive 15 up (very good) and .90 down (horrible). Very disappointing. It is a marketing gimmick. Consumers don't realize how important upload speeds are and that 900 MBPS download means nothing if your upload speed is .90 MBPS. my goodness...

My area doesn't support anyone else but Uverse. Cannot wait to switch to someone else.
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Re: Internet upload speeds

ATT speeds suck.  I signed up for 12 and it was slow.  Upgraded to 18 and it's slower yet (2 to 5 MBPS).  Google is coming in a few months and I can't wait to ditch ATT.  They have been out here many times (and many hrs, which was terribly annoying) and they just say it can't be fixed.  Took them 2 days to hook it up!!!!

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Re: Internet upload speeds

If you're smart you'll sign up with anyone BUT ATT.  Their speeds suck.

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Re: Internet upload speeds

Good news! I think I may be moving sometime next year. The new neighborhood will support Cox internet! It's a miracle!

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Re: Internet upload speeds

Very interesting. I'm an independent consultant working with a customer this morning because upload speeds are slow on their at&t uverse connection. I contacted AT&T support to find out what this customers internet speeds should be, especially the upload speed.


AT&T Rep: What is your result with

Me: .43

AT&T Rep: That's within the contracted range of upload performance

Me: .43 is within range? That seems very low. What's the range?

AT&T Rep: .5

Me: Okay then, I'm not in range ... I said I'm at .43

At&T Rep: It is in range, I said .5 and you're getting .43

Me: I know what you said. .43 is lower than .5.

AT&T Rep: That's correct, you're range is .5 and you're getting .43.

<at this point I have an epiphany>

Me: Oh, so you're telling me I should not be getting anything over .5Mbps?

AT&T: That's correct, that's your range.

Me: I'm used to people telling me the minimum and not the maximum performance expectation or at least the full range and not just the best case scenario.


After I hung up I realized the AT&T rep never offered to tell me what the minimum upload speed rate should be. And then I read this thread and realized why. Embarrasment. I still don't know ... may have to dig out my US Robotics 56k modem to give these people some performance.

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Re: Internet upload speeds

So sad. It is 2015 and AT&T has such horrible upload speeds for home consumers.

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Re: Internet upload speeds

Just as a point of information, I did a speed test on my freinds internet connected computer, and he got speeds of 59 mbps up, and around 10 mbps down.

Not braging about the speed, my point is that even with this, the upload is only about ten percent of the download speed, even with "another" provider.

Funny thing (not) I was reading in the news, and you can google it, there was a fella who is head of some government think tank, and he is pushing two ideas that are kinda strange: One is, users DON'T need connection speeds over 20mbps, and for most, 6mbps is actualy more than they use, and Two, ALL service providers show get on the band wagon and caps the data limits for all customers.

And sadly, I think that guys ideas were being taken seriously.. (just not by the customers affected)

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Re: Internet upload speeds

As a counterpoint to all the haters in this thread, my plan is 18 down 1.5 up and consistently get higher than that.  Perhaps my chi is aligned.


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Re: Internet upload speeds

I just had an AT&T rep (actually there were 3 of them) stop by my house (they also ignored my No Solicitors sign, but whatever). They were here to inform me that they were upgading the UVerse service in the area (sounded like they were converting from copper to fiber). She was trying to talk me into their service (I left Uverse for Comcast because of the upload speeds). She kept mentioning the 18mbps plan, when I told her I switched to comcast because of the upload and ask what that plan's upload was she stumbled a little bit, but then said she /thought/ it was 12mbps upload! 


Could this be true? Or were they just ill-informed? Is the 18mbps plan still at 1.5mbps up?


I would drop comcast in a heartbeat (I really hate the X1 platform), but I need something closer to my current 10mbps upload...

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Re: Internet upload speeds

I switched from Comcast last week purely for the price point and will say the following:

I routinely got 100Mbps/40Mbps from Comcast but the service was spotty - I never had those " all the kids in the neighborhood are playing medal of honor" probems where it got bogged down.

I am getting 18Mbps/1.5Mbps and I honestly didn't bother asking what it was when they signed me up (I guess I just assumed it would be way better than it is) although so far no major issues.

Switching from comcast TV to Uverse is a bigger issue for me as the interface is really different and to be honest the Uverse one sucks.  They must have got an expert in how not to design a UI and then used them for the one they have, everything seems so complicated and although TV is never as easy as computer, if they could mimic their online display on the TV it would be a million times better.

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