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Intermittent Phone Service and Customer Service Response


Intermittent Phone Service and Customer Service Response

Two weeks ago I spoke with Advanced Tech Support about a problem our area was having with continuous interrupted service from AT&T.  We had a bad storm in our area in Florida 3 weeks ago and ever since, we either have "no service" or only one bar of service on our phones. Found out that our neighbor is having the same problem. The rep that I spoke with did some checking with the service coming to our area and indicated there was a problem.  This last Friday I called again, since I hadn't heard from anyone and we still have the problem.  Again, I was "finally" routed to Advanced Support (Tom in Texas), who checked on the ticket and said that techs had researched this and found no problems.  I suggested that someone actually come to our rural neighborhood and check the problem onsite.  He said they couldn't do that and after 30 minutes of him trying all kinds of solutions, he suggested that the cell tower signal must be blocked by trees and we should find the owner of the property where the tower is located and see about removing trees!!!! Are you  kidding me???? He was very nice but said there was nothing that could be done on AT&T's end. Btw, there are no trees immediately surrounding our home. I couldn't even believe what I was hearing. Anyway, I will definitely be dropping AT&T, but wanted to get this information to your customer service dept, wherever that is.


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‎05-24-2019 5:01 PM

Re: Intermittent Phone Service and Customer Service Response

Greetings, @MCantwell!


Allow us to assist. We thank you for the feedback and will direct your remarks to the correct department for review. We like to advise that a number of factors such as terrain and weather can contribute to experiences of failed call attempts, dropped calls, and poor call quality. We are continuously utilizing our sources to optimize network connectivity.


In the meantime, by downloading our Mark the Spot app it's possible to find if there are reports of similar experiences in your area. Also, feel free to call and text via Wi-Fi Calling using compatible devices.

We hope you will enjoy the rest of your week.

Lar, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Intermittent Phone Service and Customer Service Response

I recently discontinued my Suddenlink service and switched to AT&T.  I have bundled my account to include internet, tv ( Direct tv)and telephone.  In the process I somehow bungled the combination so there were more than one account which did not include the phone package.  Through the efforts of your representative, Shameka, the services were combined into one account number.  My TV and internet are working fine, and I closed those with Suddenlink, but I was told to wait to close the phone package until the account combination was finalized.  ( The whole process was complicated because it took place during the Memorial Day holiday).  I spoke to Shameka on Tuesday and apparently, mistakenly, thought I could then close the phone account and my telephone number would be transferred to AT&T.  Yesterday evening I discovered that my phone had been disconnected.  I really need to keep my phone number since I have had it since 1966.


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Re: Intermittent Phone Service and Customer Service Response

what the heck is happening losing CBS am getting sick & tired of UVERSE and paying ATT $300 month to lose a channel that is of prime service to us... 

WITH ALL THE MONEY ATT IS MAKING don't see how they can't provide service to customers 

I'm now looking to leave ATT once and for all this is so disgusting

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