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Intalling Wifi?


Intalling Wifi?

Hi I still have Dial-Up (yeah I know living in the stone age) and am interested in the near future getting Wifi and I was wondering if I get Wifi if I have to have broadband first or how that works? I want to make the switch to high speed Internet so I can stream videos and make big downloads of files like videos I want to save. If I have to get broadband then I take it that I get a wireless router from Radioshack or someplace then?  And whatever the case how much would it cost for me to have someone from AT&T come out to my house and install the hardware to use it? How much does the labor cost to have that done? And I have AOL and was wondering if I get AT&T High Speed Internet if I can keep AOL as my home page and email and instant messenger and bookmarks? And if so how does that work? Do I have to pay both AOL and AT&T every month or just AT&T if I keep AOL as my home page and all that? Yeah I am pretty illiterate when it come to this stuff.Smiley Sad
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Re: Intalling Wifi?

Here is a good place to start: AT&T Internet Service

And here: AT&T U-Verse Internet


You don't have to pay for AOL and AT&T, and you can keep your AOL email and home page.



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Re: Intalling Wifi?

Go to your settings on AOL and change to free.  Anyone still paying for AOL is REALLY behind the times.  Sorry to tell you that you are paying for something that is free.  ATT is a service provider.  You can still have all of your aol as you have it now but everything is 100 times faster.  When the rep comes to install everything for you, tell them to set your home page to AOL.  They will also give you a free ATT email address that you can choose not to use.  Most people use gmail these days (also free).  And Facebook is the new messenger.  (IM).  Hope that helps.

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