I assumed my old DSL was canceled ! I am not paying for DSL I could not connect with.


I assumed my old DSL was canceled ! I am not paying for DSL I could not connect with.

What do I have to do to get free of ATT ? I ported my home phone number to my boost cell phone so I would not need to change my contact number with everyone I have given it to over the last 10 years with ATT.  That was fine, no problem. But my DSL was under that account number. And I was told I could not keep the DSL without the home phone and I had to upgrade to u-verse Internet. Not happy! - but OK I did that.


The problem is they are still charging me for the old DSL. I assumed that when I ported the phone number and could no longer use the old DSL and had to upgrade to u-verse that the old DSL was canceled along with the phone line. Why would I want to pay for DSL I can no longer use?


I spent two and a half hours on the phone (most of that time on hold) getting transferred from one department to the other and back six times before I had to give up because I had more important things to do. And never got anything solved.

I later tried the online chat with about the same results. Another 45 minutes wasted.

I just cant seem to get free of ATT. I canceled the home phone because the cost just

kept creeping up month after month and the customer service sucks. Now I just got sucked into a one year contract with u-verse.

If I cant resolve this problem by the end of the week I am calling the better business people and the consumer protection agency. And I am not paying my INCORRECT final home phone bill.


And when this new u-verse contract is up I will be done with ATT  FOREVER !

And I will tell everyone I know for the rest of my life to stay far away from ATT.

I have paid my bill on time for better than ten years and this is how it ends?    

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Re: I assumed my old DSL was canceled ! I am not paying for DSL I could not connect with.


Hello @cbgreenbay 


I'm very sorry for the billing issue with your old service, our team will be happy to help you with that. Please send us a private message by clicking here, please include your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: I assumed my old DSL was canceled ! I am not paying for DSL I could not connect with.

Same thing has happened to me and the customer service rep I spoke to also said not to pay my bill, but my wireless bill is included. Also my first U-verse bill was way higher than the $24.99 plus eqipment charge they promised. Also I have heard nothing and can find nothing on the website about my $100 rebate card. This is such a big hassle that I just want fixed!



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