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How do I file a formal complaint


How do I file a formal complaint

On Monday, AT&T was supposed to come out and upgrade my internet. Once arrived, they decided that they could not without drilling a new hole in my (rented) wall and climbing a pole at the back of the property in the middle of trees. So we decided to cancel the upgrade and stick with what we have.


For some reason, they could not cancel the order.


3 hours later, the proposed solution was to submit that our order was completed.


This turned off our internet. “Someone will be by later to fix it”. “Ok sure.”


Monday night, still no internet. Called them back. “A tech needs to come out”


  Why? A tech didn’t turn it off. You guys did. It just needs to be turned back on?


“Sorry but a tech needs to come out”


After arguing for about 15 minutes on WHY, a tech is scheduled to come out Tuesday morning.


Our tech comes out. And surprise, he can do nothing. So he calls the service center.


Three hours later, it is decided that because the first tech put the upgrade through, we can’t downgrade for 30 days. So they “upgraded” our old service 1mb so that “at some point” tuesday our service would turn back on.


Well, again surprised, we still have no internet.


All because we cancelled an upgrade that would cause damage to a home we don’t own. And no one can figure out how to fix.


Wednesday I was promised a call back. I have received nothing.


Today, Thursday is day 4. And no one is any closer to knowing what to do. Every time we call we are told a tech needs to come out. No they do not. We are promised call backs and help and get nothing.


At the end of the day, I’ve been with att since 1997.  I pay almost $500 a month between phones and internet and cable. All I wanted was for my service to work but now I’m looking for a new carrier.  I’ve been offered no explanation, no compensation, and basically been told repeatedly that my business does not matter. I know I’m just one person. I know saying “I’ll take my business elsewhere” is not a threat that major monopolistic companies take seriously. I’ve told people repeatedly that I have had no problems with att and defended them for years.


I cannot anymore. I did not create this problem. I have been accommodating and have had to have a tech come by and take time out of my day to fix a problem they created. I have spent no less than 15 hours on the phone and with techs to fix this problem and am no closer today than I was Monday.


I need to do business and work from home and I cannot due to no fault of my own. I need this fixed today.

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Re: How do I file a formal complaint

After 2 hours on the phone today, being transferred 8 different times to 5 different departments and specialists and loyalty programs, we are cancelling our services. I will never again do business with att and I will do everything I can to make sure people know about what i experienced this week. I understand I am one person and this means nothing. But I want to make sure everyone knows how little this company cares. 

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