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How do I change my Yahoo email password?


How do I change my Yahoo email password?

How do I change my Yahoo email password?

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

I have an old pacbell.net email address from ages ago.  I was having the following problem which I think is the same as described by several of you:

-logging into yahoo mail with email address/current pw

-clicking the 'Change password' link

-being sent to ATT, where I log in with same email/current pw

-changing the pw on ATT

-going back to yahoo mail, new pw doesn't work, old pw does (IOW, new pw does not propagate from ATT to yahoo)


I was finally able to solve the problem by using this form to reset the password from the old to the new.


Hope this helps. 

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

Many people are complaining about a problem that occurs when changing their Yahoo password.   Their AT&T account accepts the new password but their Yahoo account continues to accept only their old password.  This can occur if you are referencing a current AT&T account but the Yahoo account is linked to another AT&T account you do not use any more or forgot about.


Here is a procedure where you may reference your AT&T account:

  • Sign out of Yahoo Mail
  • Close your web browser window
  • Bring up a new web browser window and login to Yahoo ! mail using your Yahoo email ID
  • Instead of typing in your password, click on "Forgot password ?".  
  • The Yahoo form will transfer to an AT&T form once it determines that the Yahoo ID is linked to an AT&T ID.
    • A Forgot Password form appears for you to enter a userID and your last name.  
    • If you enter for the userID a Yahoo account (**@yahoo.com), an error form will appear asking you to enter an att.net account to manage your Yahoo ! account.  
    • If you then enter a valid att.net account that is not linked to your Yahoo mail account, no error appears and  the transaction continues by asking for answers to some security questions and for a new password.   It finally completes by informing you that your password has been changed.   However only your att.net account will accept the new password but not your Yahoo account.
    • If you forget which AT&T account is linked to your Yahoo account, pay attention to the AT&T account name that is listed for the password change. 



Hope this helps.



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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

This worked for me:


Follow these steps to unmerge your accounts and keep your Yahoo ID:
  1. Log in to myAT&T with your AT&T Member ID and password.
  2. In the top navigation bar, under myAT&T, select Profile.
  3. Under AT&T Email Accounts, select Account Profile.
  4. In the User Information tab, to the right of your Member ID, select Delete Account.

After following these steps, when you try to log back on to your Yahoo account you'll get a warning message about the deletion and then you can click UNMERGE to set your Yahoo account free. Once I did that I was able to log in to my Yahoo account with my old password and THEN was able to set the new password under account settings. 

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

The trick is to make all your changes on AT&T's website. Do not go to yahoo.com.


  1. Navigate to the myAT&T homepage
  2. Log out, then log back in with your Yahoo user/pass
  3. On the next page or two, click Change password
  4. Set your new password and confirm.

Done. Your new passwords should automatically propagate to Yahoo as well.

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

this way only changes the att password and it does not forward that new password to yahoo so I tried to just sign on through yahoo and it ( system) sent me back to ATT- PLEASE

Does anyone know how to change a yahoo email password ??

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

When I signed up with ATT U-verse as my ISP about 6 years ago, I got an att.net email address which was routed through Yahoo mail servers, even though I never had a Yahoo email address. Due to the recent notice about the security breach, I changed att.net email password by logging onto www.att.com “MyATT” account profile. After that I noticed that if I logged onto https://www.att.net/email or https://loginprodx.att.net I needed to use my NEW password. However, if I logged onto https://mail.yahoo.com or https://login.yahoo.com then I needed to use my OLD password. Furthermore, my Microsoft Outlook mail client still needed to use the OLD password. (Outlook is configured for a POP3/SMTP mail account with inbound.att.net (port=995), outbound.att.net (port=465), SSL enabled.

Whether I log onto email through https://loginprodx.att.net using the NEW password or through https://mail.yahoo.com using the OLD password, I get the same inbox and the webmail URL in the address bar is https://mg.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.partner=sbc&.rand=< numbers/chars different for each login> however I have to use either the NEW or the OLD password depending on how I get to the webmail site. Of course I wanted both of these web portals to use the same NEW password because the OLD hashed password was involved in the big Yahoo hack of 2016. After a couple of days experimenting, I found a solution that synchronized the NEW password to both sites. I hope it can work for you, but results may differ depending on your situation.

The Fix:

I logged onto the Yahoo website https://login.yahoo.com . Only my OLD password was accepted at the login screen:Fix1.JPG


Next, at the Yahoo landing page, I clicked the MAIL icon on the upper right (picture of an envelope). This brought up the att.net webmail interface I mentioned above with URL https://mg.mail.yahoo.com/neo/launch?.partner=sbc&.rand=<numbers/chars different for each login>

There is a face/silhouette icon on the upper right of the mail page. Hovering the mouse over it, a menu appears. I clicked “Account Info”. This took the browser to https://edit.yahoo.com/config/eval_profile which displayed account profile information. Under the section “Sign-In and Security” I clicked “change your password”. This brought the browser to the ATT website https://www.att.com/olam/passthroughAction.myworld?actionType=ProfileChangePwd with the following email password change form:


I had to use my NEW password in the “Current Password” field, and for the “New Password” field, I entered a different and NEWER password. Then clicking “save changes”, the NEWER password became the only valid password, and it was now synchronized between logging in from https://www.att.net/email , https://login.yahoo.com , or Microsoft Outlook mail client on the PC (once I configured Outlook to use the NEWER password, that is). Maybe this worked because I had initiated this password change process by first logging into https://login.yahoo.com instead of https://www.att.net/email . This may be the result of my att.net mail account residing on Yahoo mail servers, not ATT servers?

While discussing these issues with an ATT Chat technician, he had suggested navigating directly to https://edit.yahoo.com/config/eval_profile the account profile page I described above, and to change the password from there. That would bypass having to first log into https://login.yahoo.com and if it works, would involve fewer steps.


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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

It took me forever to figure this out, but here is the fix: 


Change the password through AT&T using the ORIGINAL predecessor/subsidiary merged account.  This presumably is either "[name]@sbcglobal.net" or "[name]@pacbell.net"


I.e., if you originally merged your "[name]@yahoo.com" account with your "[name]@pacbell.net" account, log into AT&T using the "pacbell.net" account.  Then change the "[name]@pacbell.net" password. 


Changing that password also will change the password for your merged "[name]@yahoo.com" mail account.


QED, once you understand the logic of it.  Two AT&T help personnel were unable to assist. 

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

I called the ATT Digital Assistance Center at 1-***. I provided the phone number that was associated with the DSL service that I had years ago when I got my yahoo email address that ends in sbcglobal.net. The ATT representative then had me go to att.com where I logged in using my yahoo email address for the user id, and then a 6 digit number that the representative provided for the password. This took me to a special yahoo page where I was able to finally change my yahoo email password.


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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

I cannot get in to my yahoo mail. When I try to get my password it takes me to ATT  I dont think I have an ATT mail acct.  I have to get into my Yahoo mail

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

Agreed!! I have spent hours online, on chat with AT&T and on the phone with AT&T just trying to get my yahoo password reset.  Everytime I click on reset it redirects me to AT&T and trys to make me reset that password instead. IT IS SOOOOO FRUSTRATING!!! No one at AT&T knows how to help me and they just keep passing me on to someone else.  My yahoo email account got hacked and I have to change the password to continue to use it.  

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

I have been trying to understand this, and get some type of support on it:


I just want to change my yahoo email address password but when I try to do so, it keeps changing my At&t account password.


In the meanwhile, my account keeps receiving mailer daemon email of failure to delivery - of emails I have never sent out - so someone has hacked my account, and not sure when or how but I'm doing as much as possible to JUST CHANGE MY YAHOO EMAIL ADDRESS PASSWORD.


And that is all that I need to do, to prevent anything worst. Please help.

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

Hey all, I've been struggling with this for months like the rest of you. I've got no evidence that my @ sbcglobal .net email has been comprimised, but felt it necessary to change the password anyway. I am still an AT&T uVerse customer, and as we all know, our email is handled by Yahoo. I too had the issue of changing the password on the myAT&T page not changing the password for Yahoo, and having the old password still working there and within Outlook. I tried everything in all of these threads, including multiple calls to AT&T customer service. They felt that they didn't have an issue on their end since it changed the password on both the myAT&T page, and when logging in at ATT.com or .net. They told me to fix Outlook. What's to fix...the old password is working when it shouldn't, and the new password doesn't! Grrrr.....It was maddeningly frustrating that for the same email address, two different passwords were needed, depending on which page or application you were logging in to. Add to that, still not feeling secure because the old password that may or may not have been comprimised is still functional. After sifting through endless forum threads and posts, I stumbled on to a single post earlier in this thread, where it was suggested that the Firefox browser was not communicating properly with the password reset page, and it would not transfer the password change on to Yahoo. Skeptical, I logged out of every logged in AT&T or Yahoo page within Firefox. I then fired up cruddy old Internet Explorer, logged into myAT&T with the most recent of my million password changes trying to fix this issue, changed the password once again. To my suprise, it WORKED!! Immediately Outlook failed to connect to my email setup with the old password, and any Yahoo page required the new password. Popped the new password into Outlook, success! I spent 5 hours today alone working on this, at least 100 hours total, all to find it to be a browser issue...


Hope this helps...

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

I have the same problem. I cannot unmerge my sbcgobal account from yahoo. Anytime I try to change my yahoo password, the system direct me to  att. First, I tried to call att hope they could fix it, but they said they could not do it, and give me a yahoo support number, let me call yahoo. I called yahoo to reset my password, but they refused me unless I pay $150. They said my email was hacked and need security help, so I cannot change my password unless I pay $150. I said I just want to reset my password and refused to pay $150, and then they end up my call. What a shame!  That is why Yahoo is broke!!! Will never use any yahoo service anymore.

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

Try to use a different internet broswer. Like IE, and do the same thing, this how I change it, what a suprise!

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Re: How do I change my Yahoo email password?

I tried to login this evening and Yahoo is no longer accepting my password.  I tried to reset, which took me to the AT&T password reset page.  I changed my password but Yahoo still doesn't accept it.  I've tried the old password, new password.  I think the DirecTV / AT&T data merge may be causing issue too.  Can someone contact me about this so I can get it straightened out?  I don't want to publicly post too many details.




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