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Getting charged for cancelled service!

Getting charged for cancelled service!

Dear ATT,


I cancelled my service with you in June and received a confirmation number.  Obviously it's to confirm that the workers don't do their work.  How is it that I am still being billed for July and August when I no longer have your service?  Deceitful? Yes! 


Look at your message board at how many people are still getting charged after cancelling service.  You're trying to make money off of people probably through their automatic payments.  Or you are unfairly reporting people to the credit bureau for not paying.  Both of which are not our faults as the consumer.


I need to bill you for the extra time it's going to take me to contact your billing department to get this rectified.  I will assume I will receive another confirmation number which may or may not do anything.  This is the very reason I left!  I was tired of being on the phone for 30-60 minutes only to not have my issue resolved and to have more issues.  I should be charging you for my time because I should be done with ATT, but I'm not. 


Contact me and get this solved.  It shouldn't be my issue, and I expect a credit for the extra time I have to spend on this issue.  Plus I had horrible Internet service, but it was better to deal with spotty internet rather than calling and having my issues become worse.



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Re: Getting charged for cancelled service!

Hello, missmightyfish!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear you're still being billed for a canceled account. We would be happy to look into this for you, so please click here to send us a private message.


In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Getting charged for cancelled service!

I too am still being charged for my service that was canceled in June 2014. I've called CS at least 3 times, and the last time requested to speak with a manager only to be transferred back to the automated system and then told by the 5th person I spoke to that all managers were in a meeting and someone would call me back...still waiting on that call. I need this rectified, and I don't want to keep WASTING my time handling this. Someone needs to call me ASAP or I will be reporting you for fraudulent business practices.

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Re: Getting charged for cancelled service!

I recommend posting a new thread with your situation.  It seems that somehow they respond better when it's out in a forum vs. us calling them.  Makes you wonder about customer service.


I sent them a private message after they told me to send one.  My case got transferred 3 times, but they say that I have been credited and I owe nothing.  I'm not holding my breath, but at least they were contacting me.


They should be reported to the BBB due to the amount of charges being made on "closed" accounts. 


I hope it gets resolved for you and you too no longer have to deal with ATT.

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Re: Getting charged for cancelled service!


Hi @furnisha.davis 


Please send us a private message using the link in Mariana's post above. All account specific issues need to be addressed offline.


Thank  you,


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Skip the BBB and file a law suit. I spent over 5 hours on...

I spent over 5 hours on the phone with CS on 3 different occasions. I canceled my account in June and paid all fees upfront. I've now been charged 2 times since then for almost 200 each time. They have 24 hours to credit my money back into my account. I have names and employee ID number for all 17 people I spoke with to resolve my issue.


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Re: Skip the BBB and file a law suit. I spent over 5 hours on...

ATTMarianaCM I have too been charged after cancellington my service. I cancelled one day after my final billing cycle began and was informed me getting charged was for the previous month. I feel this is extremely misleading and very poor customer service. You guys have dropped the ball again and I will never come back to your service again. In the meantime I want this issue resolved. I was informed I will be getting a "refund" check for the time I didn't use it but you couldn't even tell me how much it would be. Additionally, I never once was told I may be charged again, and I also never got an email for my next bill that was coming. I instead conveniently found out by looking at my bank account today. So thanks for that. You guys are by far the worst customer service I have ever dealt with. I spoke with a manager aND she even told me your auto bank draft doesn't cancel if you cancel your service. ARE YOU SERIOUS?! How are you even in business?! Beyond that she couldn't help me. I feel deceived. Is that what you guys like doing to us? You think we are all stupid? Look, here's the bottom line because I could rant and rant and rant for another 100 pages. I WANT MY MONEY BACK! NOW! And I had better not see one more charge coming out of my account.
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Re: Skip the BBB and file a law suit. I spent over 5 hours on...

I had Uverse at my old home, but I moved to a different city and asked to have my service transferred. Customer service representative advised me that they do not provide service in that city, and had no choice but to cancel, since they did not provide service in that particular area. Now, I'm getting $194.00 cancellation fee on my credit report and each time I dispute it, it drops off for a few weeks but reappears. This has affected my credit score, dropping it 20 points. I need this situation rectified and NOW.
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Re: Skip the BBB and file a law suit. I spent over 5 hours on...

This happened to me too. Apparently they have been charging me since I switched carriers back in April. Somehow after paying out my account to close the whole thing, I now owe $180. I just spent over an hour trying to resolve this only to get someone who could barely hear me because they were "breaking up" on the other end. It took a good 30 minutes just to get a REAL person on the line. This lack of customer care is the reason why I wanted out of it in the first place. I am so infuriated with the way AT&T is swindling me out of my own money when I don't even have an account with them anymore!

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Re: I spent over 5 hours on...

Similar issue here. I called to cancel U-Verse on 9/30/16, had not issue. However, when it came to DirectTV, I called on 10/10/16 the first time, but called gain on 10/15/16 to find out about the box for returning equipment, the person said the service was still active!


Okay, I went through it all again, so cancelation was 'supposed' to have went through that time. Wrong! I never got the confirmation email, I called back on 10/18/16, finally after the third call and 1-2 hours each time, it was showing canceled (confirms when I log in as well).


The bill was around $210 at the time I canceled. I was told there would be a $40 early termination fee, which they were supposed to be trying to waive, but never heard back on that. By the time the equipment got returned (they sent the wrong box first, equipment wouldn't it), I received an invoice for $337. Not sure how it came to that, but appears they charged past the original 10/10/16 cancelation date, and are trying to charge for internet past 9/30/16 too.


Today, we received an invoice for $500!!! It's been a month or so since I shipped the box back, which came with pre-paid shipping and tracking number. They are now asking me for a tracking number, when they should have it on file since they are the ones who purchased shipping and said drop it off.


I'll be calling the billing department tomorrow, if this isn't fixed I will be filing a report with the BBB [Edited to comply with Guidelines]

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Re: Getting charged for cancelled service!

I Ann having the same problem. I have not received paper bills after requesting, so I never noticed what the source of my high. Ills was coming from. I called in to ask details and after going through what I am being billed for, I was shocked to know that I was being charged for a home phone I had awhile ago but moved and no longer had a need for it. I was out of contract and I called in to cancel that line and the equipment. This is over $40 each month!! I asked for a refund and was told no, that there is nothing noted on my account that I called to cancel this service. I asked if they can see if I any activity on the account. They said no, nothing for over a year. I said that my point is more proven that I had called In to cancel. I also had charges for data plans on iPads that I had canceled once the devices were paid off. I only have one iPad out of the three I had purchased and had data for, but I am not using the iPad I have. It's been about a year! Last year I had only 2 more payments on the devices and I said I want that paid for and I want the plan to be canceled. I did this in the att store. But to my surprise, the services were still being billed on my account. I really thought my bill was high after that beckase I still have a daughter on my plan. And a business! My bills were sometimes iver $700 each month. The other complaint I have is being billed each month for a phone that was purchased from an unauthorized user. My daughter went to an att store to see how to get the side button on her phone fixed. Then the rep said she should just get a new one for almost the same money to fix her old phone. So she pitched the phone on the Next program. She is not an authorized user!!! And I would nowver approve of a new phone because she was going to be going to Italy for a year and not be able to used a phone that is locked. Also, her line already fulfilled the 2 year contract and I was seriously thinking to drop her form my line or change companies. Once I brought this issue to the attention to att and the store that sold the phone to her, I was told by att rep at the store that they will unlock her phone so she can later use a SIM card in Italy fm another company. They were going to do 3 things: unlock her phone so she can continue to use it while abroad. Put an international plan on her line in case she has emergency and to call her ride when landed in Italy. And finally, they said they will put her line in vacation mode after 1 month till she returns home. They never unlocked the phone!!! And her vacation mode never kicked in till I called in and told them the issues. They never unlocked the phone and my daughter thought she was calling using wifi or something, and then my bill was over $2000!!!!! Her SIM cards would not work on her Apple phone in Italy! I should have demanded my money back from the unauthorized purchase and had any charges related to that phone invalid!! That's what I suggested before my daughter left and that's when they offered to unlock my phone and at least I am paying for something she will be able to continue to use. And the worst part of all, is no one ever notated the account of any conversations. I am absolutely finished with ATT and I will certainly find a way  to get my money back form all unauthorized charges and for services that I called in for to cancel and was told By a rep that is taken care of but later discover it never was. Unbelievable!!!


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Re: Getting charged for cancelled service!

I also spent hours on the phone with customer service. I finally asked where I can write in my complaint and they gave me a PO BOX address. So therefor I capsule not use a mail service wher they have to sign for so I know they received the mail and my complaint. I thought I should record my conversation with att just to later call in and see if notations were ever made and anything discussed was followed through on. This is not a frivolous amount and money we are talking about. This is amounting to the thousands now at this point to only get worse and worse. I agree that the customer service is not solid. Some people nice, but to not be able to find accountability in the end from ATT is very upsetting. Now I need to spend more hours to resolve my problem but I am left with no choice than to use small claims court. That way the hours I spend to gather information names receipts of my daughter having a phone sold to her unauthorized, and representatives names, I hope my case will be solid and I will be more assured of an actual resolution. The hours on the phone amounts to nothing. Trust me, I would have swithched services long ago, but we are locked into contracts! Wish me luck to anyone reading this. Sound like you know as well as me that the accountability scale for this company is zero.
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Re: Getting charged for cancelled service!

I have same problem I canseled At&t service on the end of March and still being charged every month.When I get a bill I spend about two hours on the phone trying to resolve the problem,every month they say I owe nothing they apologize but next month I will get a bill again.Every month my bill is growing.I was At&t customer for 15 years I had to cancel because of customer service.

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Re: Getting charged for cancelled service!

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