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Email password yahoo


Email password yahoo

I do not have an att account but I have a yahoo email account. How do I change the password to my account & why is this so complicated to do?!
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‎05-20-2016 7:45 AM

Re: Email password yahoo

Actually, while a little confusing, should not be hard at all: Log into your yahoo account.. hover your cursor over your profile picture.... clicking on account info should open a new page.....about 7 or so lines down is an entry marked "change your password".

Should be self explanitary from there.

Good luck.

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Re: Email password yahoo

What if you forgot your Yahoo password and don't have an ATT account? It's asking for my ATT login to resety Yahoo mail password.... This is so frustrating
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Re: Email password yahoo

Same issue here. ATT could not help me. I'm locked out of my yahoo mail. I log into my att account but it won't let me change my yahoo mail password, just ATT account. ATT can you help?

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Re: Email password yahoo

 I'm in the same boat here. I can change my AT&T email but it doesn't probagate to the yahoo account. What is the best way to approach this? BTW it isn't simple.

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Re: Email password yahoo

I was sucessfully logged in to my yahoo email acct and participating in a yahoo group when I found I was logged out. I immediately logged in again, or should say I tried to do so only to find my user name and password did not match. The password was three letters followed by 4 numbers, not used anywhere else for anything. So I figured I needed to change it only to discover that two things occurred to prevent it. Who ever changed it went in my yahoo profile and altered both the recue email address AND the phone number. 


There rem seems to be no remedy plus I can't even delete the account. 


I tried using sing different devices - two tablets, iPhone and laptop and I took my iPad to Starbucks to use wifi there. Nothing worked but at the same time I was able to log into my sbc email just fine. 


Any ideas?

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Re: Email password yahoo

With the news about Verizon acquiring Yahoo, what in the world is going to happen with ATT's relationship to Yahoo email?

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Re: Email password yahoo

@sgmorr wrote:

With the news about Verizon acquiring Yahoo, what in the world is going to happen with ATT's relationship to Yahoo email?

Please keep in mind, I am another user sharing at bestr, his personal guess.. might be right, could be tottaly wrong:

I am basing this largely one what happened after the ATT aquisition of Direcvt. 

Verizon will allow the dust to settle first and allow yahoo to run as it has been, BUT, hopefully, will insist on the tech guys stepping in, and actually doing their jobs to address issues customers (the guys who are paying them indirectly to provide quality e-mail service for ATT and other business partners()

The parts of Yahoo verizon was mainly interest in, are the ones they can intergrate into their aol platform. (heck, maybe even improve it.)

The e-mail services where simply added to sweeten the deal, but will mostly be allowed to run as the have been, even though verizon and att are technically rivals.

The bulk of att's service provided by yahoo were supposed to ber migrated over to synacore, and to be honest, I have not heard anthing about that in the news lately.

ATT and verizon are competitors, but I doubt the big v is petty enougfh to interfere with Yahoo's e-mail service. (ATT's in particular.)

My main hope is, now that the deal is done, they will crack down on e-mail customer service once again, now that it is no longer in a state of flux.

I could go on, but that is the jist of my speculation on the merger.

Just hope I am right.

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Re: Email password yahoo

He is what happened to me and I know the Password!!!!


Spoke to Jill that informed me that my account was hooked up to a DSL account, and I need to provide an old phone number. I provided Jill with the only phone number I have had, and they could not pull up any information and said the number was incorrect. I asked to speak to her supervisor Brian and explained to him I never had a DSL account, and the only number that I have has is the one I provided to Jill. He told me to go back to the ATT website and try logging in there. I explained to him I had done this already, and the above message and phone are what I received. I let him know that the account was a Yahoo account, and the one that was attached to was also a yahoo account, and I asked if he can help me that I want to speak to his manager, and he would not transfer me unless he verified my account, but that was the reason why I wanted him to transfer me because he could not help!  He also said that he could send me to another department that they will charge me to get my account unlocked. Not sure why I would have to pay money.


The weird thing is I read somewhere that the reason the accounts are getting locked is that it's owned by a new company from Yahoo to ATT. I asked Jill that information and she said she could not provide the reason on why the account was locked. Now that raises red flags in my book.  


I also know my password I can just provide them with it why is that not enough to unlock an account????????






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Re: Email password yahoo

Okay, just so I can understand what is going on here, @KristinaAnd, is the account you are trying to access, one not for an active ATT customer? If it is inactive, it is in what they call, "free" status, and the company rule is, they can't provide you with any live person tech support. (And, they should have told you as much, when you called.)

Yahoo took full day to day operation of ATT's e-mail service in oct. 2015., and other than being able to do a modest password reset on the account, and even that is rare, without the asker being able to provide proof of ownership of the account, Yahoo is the only one who can provide customer support. (Ironically, Yahoo's customer support is hard to find a link for as well.)

Generaly, the only time, and the only reason ATT would have, to lock an account is if the person has not paid their bill. (Or not paid their outstanding bill.)

Verizon did buy yahoo, including it's e-mail services.

However, it will be months before they make any significant changes to it. The e-mail services are done on contract, and verizon has to honour those contracts.

Not a clue if att's contract is for a specific period of time, or if it is effectivly indefinate.

In any case, they would have no interest in altering individual customers accounts.

Now, the service has been flacky due to the uncertainty of who might be the actual buyer, but that is over now, and the service should improve. (Note: I said SHOULD)

There is no retaliation, or shenanigans due to verizon being ATT's direct competitor.

Frankly, I think, if anything, they get a kick out of taking ATT's money for the service, and have no intentions of stopping.

Mind you, this is all just my opinion as a fellow customer, and i just love making wild speculations. (Hey, it's a hobby.)

Anyways, here is hoping you get your access back.  Good luck

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Re: Email password yahoo

So the account was a Yahoo account ending is SBCGLOBAL. NET never had a bill, and it was a free email account.

Ok Here is an update on the Lockout. I called back later that day because I thought Dad had an old DSL account. I gave the customer service lady the phone number my dad gave me. Then she asked me what business is it associated with.... I let her know that the number was a house phone from over 20 years ago. I google the number, and it came up with a hair salon, so I let her know the name of the business. Then she asked what the SS# and I couldn't provide that. I also want to know my account would be associated with a hair salon? WAS my account HACKED!?!? I texted my Dad in the middle of the call, and he said he never had a DSL account. The lady then proceeds to tell me that she will get tech on the phone to get the account unlocked. I waited on hold for about ten mins and a new lady picked up and asked how can I help you. I let her know I was waiting for the tech to unlock my email and I didn't know I was getting transferred. She couldn't open the account she said she never heard of @sbcglobal.net!! She was going to TRANSFER ME BACK TO THE SAME DEPARTMENT! UGH..... I stopped her and tried to explain the whole situations and then my phone got disconnected.

Ok, so what if I did have an old DSL account over ten years ago.. How would I even know what the phone number would be that is associated with it?

I think what I will do is call them back and see if they can look me up a different way and ask for the old phone number that was associated with me if there is any.




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Re: Email password yahoo


@KristinaAnd, sometimes, and keep in mind, I help out others to find answers, and I'm actually not bad at it, but once in a while, calling into the regular customer services representatives, i want to bang my head against a wall, so I know how ya feel.

This is definatly a grey area, and one ALL the involed companies will have to resolve quickly.. anyhow, the free accounts are definatly maintained by Yahoo, no matter who is in control of them.

Follks may not like it, but as a favor to the account holders, they are requiring folks to verify ownership of the accounts, before letting just anyone in.

Yes, asking one for a phone number, lityterally 20 years old is potentially frustrating, as I'd be pressed to remember my old bell south number from when I lived in a differant place 30 years ago. I mean, who keeps bills from that long ago? (Frankly, I'm suprised ATT does, but that is another matter.)

Anyway's, I am going to sugest (and this goes for ANYONE reading this) sending a private message to trhe care team, and let them do some research and see if they can verify your identity enough to get your account unlocked.

Pick one of their care team links (any will work) and send a message with your name, account, phone, contact email, best time to connect with you, and a message with your needs. Give them a couple days or so to get back with you, and I hope they can help.


U-verse problems, ATTU-verseCare.
Billing/other problems ATTCustomerCare
Please mark replies as solutions if it fixed your problem. This helps other members find answers quickly.


Good luck

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Re: Email password yahoo

This is *not* solved!

After locating the entry marked "change your password", it *should* be self-explanatory from there, but actually, you are redirected to the page declaring that "The option you selected is managed at 'myAT&T'"


Once you click that link, you are directed to select the email account type (personal or business) and then login with an myAT&T ID and password.


But, doing this directs you to a page where you can change the password on your AT&T Access ID.  It dos NOT permit you to change your Yahoo email password!



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Re: Email password yahoo

I am presently having this problem.  I saw the Yahoo security notice today and decided this would be a good time to change my email password.  


I have an existing sbcglobal.net and yahoo.com email address that are linked.  I have a UVERSE account.  The sbcglobal.net account was opened when AT&T was my dsl provider.  The yahoo account was once independent but became linked.  I use them both interchangeably and often, and have emails in this account for about 10 years.


I logged into mail.yahoo.com and chose my user profile and then went to the change password menu.  It redirected me to the ATT site and I changed my password.


When I log into the mail portal via att.net login screen, I use my new password.

When I log into the mail portal via mail.yahoo.com, it accepts my old password.

My email client Outlook has no problem sending or receiving using my old password (it logs in through the yahoo domain)

My mobile phone email client also has no problem sending or receiving using my old password (it logs in through the yahoo domain)


So clearly the password change is not propagating to the yahoo.com entities except when logging in through the AT&T portal.


Not good.


I called Digital Assistance and they essentially are a place for password recovery.  While they suggested general advice that is all client-side (clear cache, use another browser, etc.), they had no real help for the essence of the problem.  So they connected me to UVERSE technical support.


I spent time with UVERSE tech support and at the end of the time (all told >1hr with both contacts), they took my number and escalated internally and will call back.


The troubling thing is that most of the solution effort is about my side when clearly something is broken on the ATT/Yahoo side.  I have successfully changed passwords before, so something has changed.


I spent time in the Yahoo environment looking for a way to change the password that would not redirect me to the ATT site, but that didn't succeed.


So here we are.  Fortunately there has not been an incursion into my email that I can see, but it is very distrubing that I cannot change the password for my main email account.  In fact, I now have two passwords that work depending on the login portal used.


I will update here if I find any resolution.



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Re: Email password yahoo

After hearing about Yahoo data breach, I tried changing yahoo email password.   When I click on password change in yahoo it directs me to ATT.  I change my password at ATT but new password is not changed to yahoo....Anyone figure this out?

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