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Do I rate web storage space?


Do I rate web storage space?

When I signed up for AT&T DSL service, I forgot to inquire about how much storage is available to upload files?  This is something that I've taken for granted since the days of dial up.  When I asked a tech support guy what the URL was to access it (my guess would be and the FTP server name, ID, and password, he assured me there was no such thing.  Another tech rep thought I was talking about customizing as my home page.  When it was obvious she didn't have a clue, I thanked her and said good by.


The correct acronym may be PWS (personal web space or storage).


So what is the story?

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Re: Do I rate web storage space?



     Here is some info for online storage from ATT.  Hope this helps and was what you were looking for.




ATT Locker




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Re: Do I rate web storage space?

Thanks for replying.  I don't believe this is what I had in mind.  I just want space where I can upload my own home page that can be accessed directly from a browser, e.g.,  I didn't see any mention of this or a ftp server address.


As I said orginally, this is something i took for granted based on my experiences with dial up and cable ISP's.

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Re: Do I rate web storage space?

PS.  As an example, this is the URL for my homepage at comcast, which for some reason seems to be still available, at least from my machine.

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PWP (Personal Web Pages)

"Beginning September 12, 2012, you can no longer create a new Personal webpage. We will continue to support existing pages."


More info here:  AT&T Personal webpage


So unless you already have personal web pages (PWP), you are out of luck.  I moved my websites to KVC Hosting 2 years ago and have been very satisfied with their service.

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