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Dell 5510 Express Card, how to get service?


Dell 5510 Express Card, how to get service?

I  thought all I needed was this express card for my Dell laptop, but then I see that it needs a sim card.  I bouth this Express Card of Ebay.  It seems to work, but no one told me I needed a sim card.  It tought I would plug it in and be guided to where I could pay for service.


Can anyone tell me what my options are to get a sim card and begin using this Express Card?  Will I have to have a sim mailed to me?  I can't go to an ATT store to do this.




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Re: Dell 5510 Express Card, how to get service?



Hello and welcome to the forums. Below is a number to call to order Data Connect service and a sim card.




You can also go to support/ live chat to order as well.


Here is some information below on Data Connect plans.


DataConnect Plans for laptops and netbooks




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