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DSL charges


DSL charges

Is anyone else fed up with the ever increasing charges for Internet service from AT & T?

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Re: DSL charges



     Hello thank you for contacting us on the forums. Here is what we have for our pricing at this time, please check back often for any changes. Please follow the following link.



DSL pricing




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Re: DSL charges

I have dsl and home phone. I never requested long distance services, but they just appeared on my bill one year. I was busy and didn't realize it for many months. I worked long shifts, for decades as a registered nurse. Then, I became disabled after 3 back surgeries and found myself on an extremely tight budget. I literally do not have money for groceries some weeks, and $20 may not seem like much to some, but it can feed a person like me for a week. I am a single mom, and have a daughter I am putting through school, and she uses internet at home, or I would have simply canceled it some time ago. I have tried to no avail to have the long distance service charges removed. Each month a service rep says they have removed the charge but each month when the bill comes in, it is still there. They have raised my bill steadily from $97, to $99, to $107, to $111, to $114, to $116, and now $123 a month. The AT&T reps state they cannot share contact information of a supervisor. Yet, each month, they essentially tell me they have removed the charge, but this is a lie. I am checking on other companies that provide internet services I can afford. AT&T does not have an affordable option for internet at home, and they add additional services to your bill you never asked for, and raise your monthly bill. When you explain your finances and what you can and cannot afford to AT&T they claim to remove the service and additional charges of things you did not ask for in the first place like long distance, but month after month, no matter how many times you contact them about it, the service and charges remain on your bill. When my daughter is in a semester break this summer and can do without internet long enough for me to change, I intend to. 

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Re: DSL charges

I think that the pricing that ATT_James (the former "Moderator")  provides a link to is incorrect.  That pricing is for new customers, not existing customers.  If that is not correct then why am I being charged $49.00 for 3.0 DSL High Speed Internet?  I went to the link that was provided and it stated that the charge for that service is $41.00.

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