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Constant Uverse dropping internet connection


Constant Uverse dropping internet connection

For the past few months I have experienced a constant loss of internet connection. it lasts about 2 minutes everytime. It happens at least once every day, but I can pretty much count on it happening once every hour, sometimes more. today it was dropping connection every few minutes which is what prompted me to make this post. from what I have read online not many people have this issue, one ATT support guy in a prior forum post said to send a PM on this website, but I have no clue who to PM so I'm making this post instead. I don't know what to do but its ridiculous how often I am experiencing this problem so I need help

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‎12-28-2018 9:46 AM

Re: Constant Uverse dropping internet connection

Hi @Dadgum!

We're here to help! To help with your internet connection and preventing any connection loss, we suggest you first of all Reboot your Modem/Gateway.

You can also view this article to get tips on how to Optimize Your Connection.


Let us know if this helps!

Yetty, AT&T Community Specialist

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Re: Constant Uverse dropping internet connection

You seriously only have one fix and that’s to reboot your modem.... seriously?? I think most of us are smart enough to know how to do that! This is insulting 

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Re: Constant Uverse dropping internet connection

He is not the only one experiencing this issue! Me and my neighbor both have been writing down how many times we lose service a day and it's been 10+ at least three days a week for almost a month. No exaggeration. I need a tech to come inspect the line or something it's ridiculous. I work from home and this is crippling. There are no other internet providers in the area, so I really hope you can help me or I literally may have to move.

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Re: Constant Uverse dropping internet connection

I totally agree. I have been problem free and all of a sudden my connection drops daily multiple times and cuts me off. I too work from home and it is totally crippling as well. It’s definitely a change in service provided (while paid for) and I will for sure switch and encourage others to do same. 

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