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Can't get DSL, no options


Can't get DSL, no options

I am buying, or was going to buy, a house in a densely populated area of California (zip code 95959) and though this house had DSL before, I am told the node is full and I cannot get a line.  AT&T wants to move to U-Verse which is not available in this area.  How can I get AT&T to upgrade the node to serve people, instead of just doing what is most profitable for them in the long run?  I believe this industry is providing a necessary service, like a utility, and should be in business to serve the public, not just to serve the stockholders.  Anyway, I would gladly pay for a new Ciena 5050 or whatever it takes to get internet.  Can anyone help me?  I spent hours on the phone asking for help on this and got nowhere. Jack


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Re: Can't get DSL, no options

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Re: Can't get DSL, no options

Wow, and at only $60 for 10GB with $10/1GB over.  What a deal!  You can watch literally dozens of minutes of Netflix.

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Re: Can't get DSL, no options

Yes, AT&T Wireless home phone and internet is the only option.  It costs more than twice as much as the local DSL provider charges fortheir top tier, and it has data caps that mean we can forget about streaming movies.  However I am making some progress:


AT&T tells me that my location is too far from the RT, which is a lie because there is fiber up to the RT about 3/4 mile away, and everyone around me has wired DSL.  In fact the house I am buying had wired DSL until the owner cancelled when they moved.  I spoke with the local ISP that sells DSL on AT&T wires, and they are appealing to Sonic, (another company that contracts to AT&T) to ask AT&T to re-characterize my area so that these abandoned DSL accounts can be turned on again.  I am told this might work.  All in all, AT&T has been a barrier, not a help. I don't mean to be rude, but in this country, any semblance of public service along the lines of a utility providing basic necessary services to the public has gone out the window.  Stockholders are the main stakeholder group, not customers.  We customers are just required to pay more for less.  

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Re: Can't get DSL, no options

how did this turn out foryou??

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