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Can't get Billing issues resolved after 3+ years


Can't get Billing issues resolved after 3+ years

I signed up for DSL service in approximately September of 2010.  From September through December my service was intermittent at best and it took the first 2 months to even get it up and working at all.  I called over and over and each time the tech would have me go through the same sequence of events, although I told them that I had been through those instructions time and time again.  I spent more time on the phone with tech service trying to resolve the problems than I ever did on the internet.  I called to cancel in November after not being able to get consistent service and subsequently still received another bill.  I then called in December and was told that it had not been cancelled.  At that time I went over all of the issues, was told that there were enough notes in the system to substantiate my never having a an acceptable service level and that my account would be cancelled and the billings that I had received to date would be credited.  I continued to receive a few more bills for the same amount so it looked like the service had been cancelled, but I figured it was just taking a few months for the credit to go through. Then, I stopped receiving the billings and foolishly assumed that everything had been resolved.  UNTIL NOW!  I went into an AT&T retail location to add a line to my wireless service and was told I had an outsanding bill for home phone service from February 2011.  I was shocked and at first though something fraudulent had happened because I never had home phone service.  Eventually we were able to identify that this bill was actually from the DSL service that I had cancelled and was told would be taken care of and that I could not add a line to my cell service until I paid the bill.


So, I call customer service and get bounced around and even though I explained the issue over and over, I was just told that I had to pay it.  I asked to speak with a manager and was put on hold until I finally had to go to a meeting and had to hang up.  I am going to start with this forum hope that I get some immediate assistance in clearing this up.  I have been an AT&T, Cingular, Bellsouth customer for over 20 years.  I pay over $110 per month for my cell account and over $120 per month for DirectTV.  I was told and accepted in good faith that my DSL billing issue would be resolved and credited and at this point, if it is not, I will cancel my existing services.  I would hardly thing it worthwhile for AT&T to lose over $230 per month (not including the line I wanted to add) for a bill in the amount of $192 that was supposed to be credited over 3 years ago.


Also, if I don't get some immediate assistance via this forum, I will start sending my issue to executive level AT&T members.  This is no way to treat a customer that has over 20 years with the company and has paid thousands of dollars over the years.

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Re: Can't get Billing issues resolved after 3+ years

Hello @jaxsdg 


Thank you for posting! These Forums are a peer to peer community, but I see you've already sent a private message to our ATTCustomerCare team, that is the best thing to do for assistance with account specific issues.


Please let us know if there is anything else that we can do for you here.


Thank you,


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