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CROOKED DSL Repairman LIED Said He Did Inside Wiring Now Charged $99 For His LIES


CROOKED DSL Repairman LIED Said He Did Inside Wiring Now Charged $99 For His LIES

I went through dsl crap from Nov 2013 to May 2014. My internet only worked about 20% of the time. When it was working, it was over 7 times slower than it was supposed to be. For all those months, I spent over 30 hours every week on the phone with tech support--wasting time.


They sent out two 65ish repairman to see what the issue was. They both refused to look at the inside wiring even though tech support told me that's what they were sending them out to do.


One Randy guy told me there was no need to look at the wiring because it had just been installed, then he played on my computer doing speed tests and accusing me of having a computer virus. (They ALWAYS claim it's a virus when they don't know their job and how to fix the problem.)


Guess how he tried proving it was a virus that was causing the problems? When we went online to browse, he seen a Google Ad about computer running slow--he thought an ADVERTISING ad was an internal computer warning. I explained to him it was an ad, then he became frustrated and told me he had been with ATT for over 17yrs and knew what he was talking about. He didn't even know the difference between a web browser and a search engine. When trying to log into my account, he didn't even know that the code was case sensitive, so called up two coworkers asking them for the code.


He even bad mouthed the first coworker to the second one--telling him "You know how blah, blah is--he's probably over there with some woman so gave me the wrong code, because he was rushing. Can you look it up for me?" About a minute later, I heard him telling the second coworker, "Well, yeah, that's the code he gave me, but it's not working."


Once off the phone, he looked at me funny, then said he had to go outside. That's when I picked up the paper and tried the code--it worked the FIRST time, because I entered it in the case sensitive way. He was the know-it-all, but don't know nothing type of guy. 



The second repairman they sent out didn't even get on my computer, he just spent about 5 minutes staring at my boobs while telling me about his personal relationships with coworkers--drinking coffee and other crap I could care less about.



They both seemed like they hadn't been on a computer since Oregon Trail...


Now, here's the issue. After continuing to have these problems, somehow, a few months later, they sent that weird, know-it-all Randy back to my house while I was at church. I made it home, there was an ATT note on my door. I assumed it was someone trying to get a commission off selling the service, I didn't know ATT came out on Sundays, because they always told me Mon-Fri 8am-8pm.


I looked at the note--starting from the bottom. The first thing I saw was Randy's name. I thought "Why did Randy come here again.. and on a Sunday?" I continued reading, then I noticed that he placed a checkmark against the box saying he had performed inside wiring and I'd be charged.


So, at this point, I was EXTREMELY ticked off. 


They sent this repairman who had horrible customer service and didn't know anything back to my house, without notifying me that he was coming, on top of that, now he's lied and claimed he performed a job that he didn't.




I immediately called ATT. I was told he was reported to his supervisor by email. This is the same day that the rep also switched me to Uverse, since I had 6 months of dsl crap. A few days later, I called again to do a follow up. I made about 5 phone calls within a 3 week period, reporting him, but never heard anything back. It was only reconfirmed that he was reported and I wouldn't be charged.


Everything was going fine. Since the switch to Uverse, I haven't had not a one problem! Internet is ALWAYS up so far AND the speed is supposed to be 3mbps--I always get around 2.85mbps, so for over a month, things were going great!


Now, today, I get a letter in the mail from ATT saying I owe money on my old dsl account, because of the lying, scamming con repairman.


HOW DO I MAKE SURE THIS RANDY GUY IS DEALT WITH FOR HAVING ME FALSELY CHARGED? I think he's angry because the first time, I kept proving him wrong. Plus, the first time he came out, when it was time to go, he kept telling me that if I had anymore problems to MAKE SURE I call him instead of the 1-800 number, because that goes against them when customers call ATT back instead of them.


I don't know exactly how it works--if they are paid on commission or what, but I just remember him almost threatening me to call him because he made it seem like he either wouldn't get paid or something if I called the 1-800 number instead of him. Then he told me just like you have a job, I have a job, without this job, I won't be able to pay bills, etc. "Know what I mean?"


He kept going on and on about his job, regardless of the fact that I was still having internet problems. (I work from home, too, so for over 6 months, I had to pay bills by using my savings because I couldn't really work during those months.) But he didn't care. I hated the experience. He came across as an old man who's retirement is right around the corner, haven't had computer training since 1980 and was only concerned about making it to retirement.


Of course, despite the conversation, I called the 1-800 number as soon as he was out my house, because he couldn't fix the problem. REMEMBER--he didn't even know the difference between a web browser and a search engine. He didn't know the difference between a Google ad and a computer virus warning. He didn't know how to enter the ATT password correctly.


If you went to have your tires fixed, and the mechanic didn't know the difference between a tire and a motor, then kept telling you how he needs his job--would you take your car back to him???


I think he runs this scam a lot. I am sooo fed up. I need to know WHO DO I REPORT HIM TO? Even if I have to go to someone at the top of ATT, I need to make sure this guy is held accountable! Thank You!




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Re: CROOKED DSL Repairman LIED Said He Did Inside Wiring Now Charged $99 For His LIES






You can send a private message to the escalation team at ATTU-verseCare and someone will get in touch with you probably Monday or Tuesday to help you get a resolution to your problems.


 To check for their reply, click the little blue envelope.  List Private Messages








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