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Billing and Data Usage Reports


Billing and Data Usage Reports

 [Services] How can I be liable for over usage if the tool is broke
Every time I visit my usage it always tells me the exact same thing:

"(USGP800) We are sorry, but we are unable to display your Internet usage at this time. Please try again later.. "

May get to see it once a week if lucky......So how do they expect to get away with billing me if I do go over?

Has not been updated since 16 May, I have checked almost on a daily basis since 16 May, many times I can not get in, but when I do one report shows on thing and the other show something differenct for the same reporting period. I signed up for 6mps to use my streaming service and how I have to pay a penalty if I go over AT&T 150 GB limits, no U-Verse in my area............I can't and won't stop using my home computer nor stop streaming to my TV on Netflix because AT&T can't or wont' keep the data up to date or post corrections to my account, nor shoudl I be held hostage to AT&T's internal system problems.......and using the AT&T "Tool" would appsoulattly no help, because your system is not up to day anyway.............when I did contact the AT&T Customer Servcie Representive in the technical support area for internet use and he attempted to assist, he could not becasue he also con not access teh daily usage report.......go figure........ I don't have Uverse nor is it coming to my area, I am now retired and have Roku device, but with the total lack of concern on the part fo AT&T I will be looikng very hard at find a more reliable ISP.....


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Re: Billing and Data Usage Reports

Please disregard this post, I am going to replace my router to one that I can mintor my data useage, can't depend on AT&T to provide support or up to date information, I have since found out the support that was provided by a AT&T Tech Support CSR was not correct nor took them over a week to update the data use web page..................


*** sorry for the double post....attempted to cut & paste.

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Re: Billing and Data Usage Reports

Hello, BudKor!


Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear you've been unable to get accurate reports of your data usage. We would be happy to investigate further, so please click here to send us a private message.

In your message, please provide your name, phone number, email address, and the best time to reach you. You can expect a reply within two business days, so keep an eye on the little blue envelope icon in the top right corner of your screen.


In the meantime, feel free to message me with any other questions or concerns.



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Re: Billing and Data Usage Reports

I have the same problem. No one can seem to assist in solving this issue. This is not fare for us AT&T customers to have to put up with such sub par service. All I want is the service I pay for.

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Re: Billing and Data Usage Reports

ATT says that 97% of its customers use less than 20GB of data monthly. 


I have received the same message on a daily basis since ATT has begun enforcement of the data cap:

"(USGP800) We are sorry, but we are unable to display your Internet usage at this time. Please try again later.. "

even when our househould has been charged for going over ATT's 150GB data cap. 


Law Enforcement is expected to calibrate their radar devices for use in the field. Again, I know only 2% are a problem to ATT's infrastructure but why when I talk to lots of other folks who are approching their data cap limit do I get the feeling the 97% number is artificially enlarged.


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