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AT&T Access ID and profile contact email issue


AT&T Access ID and profile contact email issue

Yesterday, I converted to AT&T Access ID for my old wireless and Internet accounts (which I never used much). Now I want to begin paperless billing and online payments. I don't remember all of the details of why and how, but I was told that I had to convert to AT&T Access ID to accomplish that. Anyway, I'm getting used to navigating the thing, and it seems to work as hyped (accounts were linked, can see bills, made a payment). But can anyone clarify this message when I attempt to change my Access ID profile contact email address to my email address (which also happens to be my Access ID, the old account's username)...




I changed my billing email addresses for all accounts to my email without a problem. Only this Access ID profile contact address objects to being changed to the address. The current profile contact email address is my address (also from the old account) which is still valid and will do. I just would like to know what's the problem with the idea? I'm too afraid to change my Access ID to see if that would matter.

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‎09-30-2015 1:39 AM

Re: AT&T Access ID and profile contact email issue

It's strongly recommended that you use an alternate contact email address in the event you need a password reset. You can Receive a temporary password via your alternate email address i.e. your AOL email account.

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Re: AT&T Access ID and profile contact email issue

Thanks. Your extra explanation helped push me through to understanding it better. In fact, I guess it makes me look sort of stupid now.


When I converted to Access ID and linked my phone, Internet, and wireless accounts to it, I wasn't even thinking about the email account. It apparently was sort of automatically linked to my Access ID, I guess. It's listed amongst the linked accounts anyway. But I didn't do it, or notice it at the time.


So if I had gone ahead with changing the Access ID contact email address to my email address (which is now linked to my Access ID), and if I were to forget and need to reset my Access ID password, then I would not be able to log in to the email account to get the new password.


 A long story, but telling it makes me feel better.

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Re: AT&T Access ID and profile contact email issue

I would like to change ID for security reasons
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