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50 years and now farewell to a terrible service provider


50 years and now farewell to a terrible service provider

Nine weeks and internet no longe dropping off. No connection at all!!!!!!!!!!! I will not be paying for ATT internet or for new modem or anything else they try to charge me for. I am told that the lines from Bell South are so old that they have broken down and ATT is not repairing them thoughout the south. Is this true? Who knows. All I know is that having had my lines restrung and reburied by ATT and being charged 100 dollars for a new modem which has proven to be uselesse  it is time to move on. Nice  doing busines with you for the past 50 years but time to go. No viable explanation has ever been offered.

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Re: 50 years and now farewell to a terrible service provider

I don't think that the lines could be affected. 


If you have POTS service, try calling to the repair service and specify that you have a problem with the noise if any is present. If that doesn't help, complain to the FCC or to your state's Public Service Commission which will escalate the situation for AT&T to fix it.

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Re: 50 years and now farewell to a terrible service provider

I agree ATT has turned into the second worst company right behind comcast. They know they have an addicted audience who just like a drug addict will  pay or do whatever att wants so their precious connection with all of their imaginary friends can stay in touch with each other.. I my case ATT has a monopoly at my address so either i put up with all of their crap or I have nothing. I my case they dont seem to be able to get me on auto bill pay even though I call them every month after i get an overdue notice and charged an additional 8 bucks a month. They say I dont set up account correctly, well each time THEIR tech(very loose term) helps me sign up each month, and the next month thesame problem arises. Im sure they do this on purpose, there is no longer any goverment oversight(they pay off the people in congress) Last time I asked them if I could record conversation and was told bluntly NO! When i then asked them to kindly stop recording on their end they refused, saying it was procedure. I am currently looking into Hughes Internet I know its more but ATT is so bad It will probably be worth it anyway. I am also Closing out my cell phone (10 years) as soon as contracts finished. I used to have home phone line with them (cancelled that after more than twenty years) so very shortly they will loose me completely. But they will never loose the ill will that they have created in me. For the rest of my life I will actively slam this horrible company whenever the conversation arises. It will be a proud day indeed when this company goes belly up. ATT is for addicts only and has no place in this world for respectable hard woking people. The next/last time I have to call them and fix problem I will record conversation and post on utube just like that couple did with Comcast.

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Re: 50 years and now farewell to a terrible service provider


Hello everyone, thank you for posting!


I'm very sorry to hear about your service issues, if you're looking for account specific help, our team will be happy to assist. You can send us a private message by clicking here with your name, phone number, account number and the best time you can be reached.


Thank you,


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Re: 50 years and now farewell to a terrible service provider

What is going on with you people? My service has been disconnected twice in two months each time I was told that I cancelled the service. I've had two techs come to "install" equipment that is already here, been billed for equipment never received and spent easily 10 hours over a 3 week period on the phone with your Reps. I went 3 weeks without your service while you kept passing me around on the phone. We are done and I am seriously considering pulling my cell phones from you also! I am truly at a loss to understand how you cannot fix this. At one point I even had 3 different u-verse accounts that each rep created each time I called to explain that I did not ask for a disconnect. I have kept all of the paper correspondence between us if you doubt me and for future reference. As a new customer to u-verse I am amazed that you don't appear to have any skills to deal with your customers.

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Re: 50 years and now farewell to a terrible service provider

I am currently traveling and know for a fact that there has been no
connection at my home for 8 days. I can barely wait to get home to9 renew
the battle. I have used the chat and copy it and paste it into a word
document. I will be pleased to post the entire insane conversations as soon
as I get home. I do not have to name names as it is all there in black and
white. I have been thinking Hughes also. Comcast not happening since they
refuse to run lines to my house. Too far. They are so busy spending money
on ads sent to me twice a week and then telling me I am too far. All of
them are stupid.
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Re: 50 years and now farewell to a terrible service provider

There have been at least 7 visits by techs including line replacement. They
accept that it is their fault. Just cannot find the real problem. New modem
too!. Really sad that they are inept but I believe the use of Bell Souths
aging installations probably is at fault.
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