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Unable to get Fiber internet after more than 6 techinician appointments


Unable to get Fiber internet after more than 6 techinician appointments

I've been trying to get fiber internet since May 2018. I've had at least 6 technicians come by so far, each one follows the same routine:

  1. Say our neighborhood is ready for fiber plans
  2. Look the pole in our backyard. A bit confused as there's no fiber cable leading to it.
  3. Check out the address listed in his appointment details, for nearest fiber junction
  4. Realize that the address is up the hill, behind a dense trees and bushes
  5. Check for other junction box
  6. Apologize that he can't do anything as the junction box (CFST/Cx) is more than 1000 ft away
  7. Complain that other department messed up
  8. Goes to the van to talk to his supervisor
  9. Says he has opened an internal ticket and leaves

Then I immediately get a message from AT&T apologizing for the delay in order. Usually, in a day or two I get another message saying the problem has been resolved, and that I should schedule a new appointment. I do that, and it's the same. I've also been to the AT&T store nearby and they couldn't do anything either, except for help me schedule an appointment.


My immediate neighbors have fiber internet from AT&T! How hard is it to run a wire from their pole.


This is my last cry for help before filing a complain with California Public Utilities Commission. The reason I got 18 Mbps plan with AT&T is because I was promised upgrade to Fiber within a month. It has been 9 months now. Is there anyone here from AT&T, competent enough to look into this and get me a good internet connection, without making me wait for another 9 months?

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Re: Unable to get Fiber internet after more than 6 techinician appointments

I have no offer of help for your situation but wanted to say that I was just pitched this con-line on the phone when inquiring about fiber to my house. They told me to get the 100Mbps package now and in a month the 300 and 1000 would be available. 

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