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Re: New Customer Questions for AT&T Fiber


New Customer Questions for AT&T Fiber



I apologize if these questions have all been answered before.  I am a potential customer for AT&T Fiber (internet only) and work out of a home office, so the reliability of my internet connection is important.  A few questions:


1) Will AT&T's customer premise equipment reliably work in pass-through mode?  I would like to use my own router and switch equipment, probably a Cisco 890 ISR and will probably load balance/failover with/to another ISP.  Are there roadblocks to doing this with AT&T Fiber?


2) Will I be able to have or purchase a static IP address?


3) How reliable is the service.  Will I be fighting with outages every day? 🙂


4) If the service is unreliable do I have 30 days after installation to cancel?


5) Is this forum the best way to get technical issues with the service resolved?




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‎01-23-2017 7:26 PM

Re: New Customer Questions for AT&T Fiber

1) would receive either 5268 Gateway (DMZ mode) or 599 (IP pass through). These are generally area specific and cannot choose (request) a model. The Milwaukee area is primarily all 5268s. Now and then a shipment of 599s may come in, but not guarantee a tech guy or garage'wouod have other at time of install. 


2) A block of 8 static IPs, with 5 usable is $15 a month, larger blocks are available at higher rates.


3) If this is an area just being turned up I would recommend waiting 6 months. A lot of new installs in a short period of time is more likely to have issues than established area just adding an account here and there. Outages do occur from time to time, but many techs in the boxes in short time will likely cause more issues than outages thus recommend to wait.


4) You may cancel service at any time, doing so before 30 days will owe for installation and usages type charges, plus do not receive any reward card, while waiting after 30 days will have the early termination fee. ETF are prorated per month.thus cost less less to cancel after 6 months than after 90 days.

From fine print details...

30-day Money Back Guarantee: Must cancel all AT&T services within 30 days from service activation. Adjustment provided for monthly recurring charges only. Customer is responsible for all additional charges, including but not limited to installation, activation, On Demand, Pay per View, international calls, other pay-per-use features, non-returned equipment charges, and any other one-time fees. 


5) this forum is for users to help other users not an official communication for tech support. A few individual employees such as myself stop by and offer advice but we are not on the clock (volunteer our time) or represent any official response from the cmpany. Tech support would be available by [Edited] contacting AT&T or could try sending a PM to ATTCares. Additionally the company has a billable support group (ConnectTech) for advanced issues not covered by standard support.


May also wish to consider another non official supported forum group with more technical minded individuals sharing their experience....  https://www.dslreports.com/forum/uverse


AT&T TIP - Try the Troubleshoot & Resolve tool for self-help available 24x7.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: New Customer Questions for AT&T Fiber

I appreciate your thoughtful response.  Thanks very much.

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Typical wait time for Buried Wire Team?

This past week I had someone come out to install AT&T Fiber, has was a nice guy and seemed to be put in a spot he really could do nothing about. He spent about an hour and a half outside my house, what he was doing out there I have no idea because I just moved in and was busy unpacking boxes. But he came inside to tell me he was having issues getting light through the fiber cable to my house and he was going to have to put a ticket in to have an engineer come out and look into the issue. The neighborhood is about 2 years old and it seems the home builders did a real hack job on AT&T's cables because I am not the only one that as had this issue in the neighborhood. 


All that to ask the simple question of how long does it take for the engineer to come out, look at my fiber cable and get the issue resolved. The installer told me I would recieve a call in a day or two but haven't heard anything from AT&T. 


I do a good amount of work from home and this coffee shop bill I am racking up is starting to grow. The original home owner had Time Warner Cable that had no issues, obviously not fiber but 100Mbps is more than the 0Mbps I am currently getting.

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Fiber Question

Apologies for my ignorance, I'm finding mixed information depending on when and where...

Fiber is now available in our neighborhood - is the fiber run to the house on installation, or is it coax cable?  I've had problems with the phone wiring inside my house, so I'm not sure of the impact that might have.

Any thoughts appreciated (or a full explanation of how the signal gets from the street to my PC would really be appreciated!)!

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AT&T Fiber in an Apartment

We're looking into getting AT&T internet at our apartment, however the highest speed is 25 mbps. When I called and asked about this, I was told it's because it is AT&T Fiber. The way it sounded, I'm under the impression that it is 25 mbps per device? Is this correct? If not please help me understand. Thanks!

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Re: AT&T Fiber in an Apartment

DO not go with ATT. The speed is not any better, especially if you have multiple devices. The customer service is awful and the representatives will tell you anything to get you to switch. They will take three times the amount of time they told you to get it installed and will absolutely fail the first time by damaging their own equipment or installing it incorrectly.

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Re: AT&T Fiber in an Apartment

3) How reliable is the service.  Will I be fighting with outages every day? 🙂


Well...it's been good until this past weekend. My internet has been down for 3 days. Sent messages on FB, Twitter, and now here. NO ONE has gotten back to me on a status update.


Yeah, it might be reliable, but if you need support. You can pretty much forget about it.

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Re: AT&T Fiber in an Apartment

I agree with Mcbutters. The service works flawlessly until it doesn't. Customer service is the absolute worst of any company I've ever dealt with in any field. 

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Re: AT&T Fiber in an Apartment

I am worried about the answer to the30-day  cancellation because I was told to have a 15-day worry-free period to experience the AT&T optical cable. Is this offer not accurate? Why should anyone pay for a service that fails to meet the offered conditions? Speed and consistency are two critical main issues that define whether I am getting what I pay for. It is a simple business transaction -Of pay for pears and receives apples instead, you are not compelled to pay.

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Re: AT&T Fiber in an Apartment


Did you review the dates on the posts....

the 30 day to cancel was the policy 2 years ago in 2017...

This is 2019 and many things have changed in the TOS (terms of service) agreement.


Residential service, which is what purchasing for home does not have a SLA that a business account paying several hundreds to thousands per month would have.

If internet is critical to your income in a work at home situation then need to have a redundant plan... a 2nd provider or willing to use cellular data as a hotspot.

Several could be interrupted for hours, days, or a week or more depending on the issue to be resolved.

if went with a 99.7% uptime with 20 million accounts in 21 states means at any time 60,000 accounts could have a problem.

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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