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How can I request AT&T internet services be added in the city I moved to

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How can I request AT&T internet services be added in the city I moved to

I currently have direct tv and AT&T internet however I’m moving to my new home. I called to transfer my services and was informed that there no internet available in that area. I really love the internet service I have no problems what so ever. Many of my new neighbors complain how their internet doesn’t work how they would also love to be able to get AT&T internet services but can’t because it’s not available. How can we get this fixed? I’m so sure that if this became available like 90 % of people in Santa Paula CA 93060 would get AT&T services.  Help a happy current costumer stay happy ! and make future costumers happy!

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Re: How can I request AT&T internet services be added in the city I moved to

@jcouncil you are not VDSL but a bonded pair ADSL2+ acccount from either the CO (central office) or RT (remote terminal).

As a single pair the best available, under 3000 feet is 18/1.

As a bonded pair given (2) 12/.9 lines to make 24/1.8.... may be called 25/2 but in reality this is a 24/2 profile.


For VDSL the downstream noise margin has to be above 9.0 dB ideally closer to 15.

On ADSL2+ the acceptable downstream noise margin has to be above 6.0 dB.

Your lines are 6.5 and 6.4, pretty much running near max capacity.


Unless your an RT that also has VDSL cards on a different shelf, or the company places direct fiber on your street, what you have is the best will get.

Conclusion, your current 2M upload will not get better without the company making changes.


*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: How can I request AT&T internet services be added in the city I moved to

As a dominator AT&T should set up service anywhere needed. It is true that the money spent needs to make sense but, loyal customers of yours should be able to receive service even at a lost (temporarily) at that location but, overall the company profits in the long run. That's what AT&T cares means to me just saying.



I have the same issues where I live and the closest cell tower is 5 miles away. The community in which I live on this side of our area we live on lakes and rivers where 40-60% of the wealth in our area lives. We all have terrible service along with that have to survive on Hughes Network. It is tough doing business in our own businesses because we hardly have signal and don't have high speed internet. We own our own land and have requested AT&T to put a cell tower on our land. We need these items essential as apart from our residential we use you all in our hospitality side of business too at several locations. We just need the service where we live because it would vastly help us around. 

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Re: How can I request AT&T internet services be added in the city I moved to

We are begging as customers to get service where you all live and "Customer Cares" replies back if it makes dollar sense we will do it. I wish I had people begging to get service at my business. We are pleading to get service because we cannot accomplish work and everyday tasks. Please reach out with me I have spent many hours on the phone with AT&T and visited the store locations to see how to get a cell tower put on our land so, we can help many others around including major business owners that already have AT&T in their own businesses and personal cellphones have service.


I and my surrounding neighbors have to drive about 2.5 miles to get any decent cell phone signal. On top of that we have beautiful homes and it is not good not able to have UVerse and the other options offered by AT&T. 

-Please follow up with me let's see how we can collaborate and work on getting the essentials to our area and community. 

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