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Slow AT&T 1000 Internet speed problem

Slow AT&T 1000 Internet speed problem



I got AT&T 1000 Internet + U-Verse installed today but ran into some strange problem that the tech couldn’t figure out. My AT&T modem diagnostic speed test shows 945 up/ 975 down from ONT to modem but hardwired Ethernet from the modem to MacBook only gets 450 up/550 down and wifi 200 up/213 down. The tech left without solving the problem.  How do I solve this problem? 


Thank you 





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Re: Slow AT

There is nothing wrong with those speeds. It's doubtful you'll ever actually see 1000 mbps. I used to get around 926, but am now down to around 300 wireless.  Gonna switch to the 300 plan and save some bucks.

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Re: Slow AT

i am getting the exact same results.i just got off the phone with AT&T and i had a guy tell me that computers arent capable of getting anything more than 400 download speed. It was so ridiculous that they have someone working there that actually thinks that.  

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Re: Slow AT

LOL, that's funny. Your computer, if a current model, plus the new
routers & modems are capable of much more than 1 GB.

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Re: Slow AT

The weird thing is that even when plugging the at&t modem directly into the box that the fiber comes into i am still only getting between 400-500. Sometimes my upload will be almost 900. I have another tech scheduled to come out but i am considering just cancelling that because i have no confidence in their ability to fix the problem


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Re: Slow AT

I have had the same issue since my 1000mb service was installed 18 mos ago. I have had AT&T out 8 times over the past year and no solution. Orbi router connected directly with the AT&T modem in pass-through mode. Fasted ever received has been mid 600s down. Funny thing is upload I have seen faster at mid 700s.

AT&T tries to fix by bringing out an iPad to test gig speeds. iPad can only reach mid 200s over WiFi. Not sure how they think they can test full bandwidth. 

Obri 3000 mesh router set, hard wired to the modem. Computer hard wired to the router

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Re: Slow internet

Just had att gigabyte installed slowest wifi I've ever had.  When I get back from vaca will be canceling and going back to Grande.  I'm paying for 1000mbs and only getting 340's movies buffer all the time when they didnt used too.  Gigabyte internet is a big scam in my opinion.

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Re: Slow AT

You are getting the right speeds with WiFi. If you want faster -WiFi-
speeds, you will need to buy a very expensive router with the latest
protocols AND a matching network card. STILL, you probably won't get
gigabit speeds. There is a difference between the theorical speed and real
world usage speed in computer hardware.
What you need to know, is that to get the best out of gigabit speeds,
regardless of who your provider is, you need to connect your devices with
cat5 (or cat6 for very long cable runs) networking cables.
I download PC games at 840-900 megabits (PS4 is limited by hardware to 100
megabits), and that's with my wife in the living room streaming 4k. My WiFi
is only used in my house on my laptops, phones and a couple of video

Another thing, something is wrong if you can get 300 +/- and you movies
A 4k streaming requires a minimum of 25 megabits.

I agree with you, if all you use is WiFi at your house, then getting a
gigabit connection with att or any other provider is an overkill.

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Re: Slow AT&T 1000 Internet speed problem

I have been devoting most of my time to this since last week after discovering that I've been paying for Gigabyte speeds for 8 months and getting less then 350.  I used to consistently get 920 to 950 until about August of last year (according to the graph on my personalized speedtest) then it rapidly fell to 250 to 350.  I'm talking about a cat 6 Ethernet cable from the BGW210 to a capable gaming current laptop with Gig capabilities. After the tech installed a new BGW210 tested my other gaming laptop (older model, gigabyte card, windows 😎 and clocked 940 twice.  When he left, so did the speed.  I later checked on the same machine and got 340.  I switched to my New Acer Predator and got the same.  I tried different Ethernet cables, tried moving the AT&T Router, tried different electric outlets, searched google and tried several suggestions of changing Ethernet Card Driver configurations and settings.... all to no avail.  I've read two posts where those with Windows 10 experienced the same issue with AT&T, same BGW210, but after refreshing their system (reinstalling windows, or refreshing it back to factory state) the issue is resolved.  I'm not willing to risk that as I have spent too much time and effort getting my business laptop set up the way I want with the programs I want.  The technician is coming back Friday to trouble shoot some more, but I'm not hopeful. Probably will just switch to Cable who promises their will work and keep working correctly. I also saw a few folks who said the by attaching a separate router and using the passthrough method, they were able to restore Gig speeds and was able to use the ports on both modem and router and got 900 speeds on both. There was enough configuration involved that I don't know how to do that, and not sure if the tech would help do that or not.  I've already been over charged for 8 months and not happy about it.

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Re: Slow AT&T 1000 Internet speed problem

I downloaded the Speedtest by Okla from the Microsoft store and consistently get 100 Mbps slower than speetest.net.  Very odd indeed.

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Re: Slow AT

I posted many times on the reasons why "speed tests" are not accurate
anymore. I can run speedtests all day and night, like when I was concerned
about getting my money worth out of my internet service. I worried about
nothing, cause those test servers are overloaded with people that have gig
service at home. They can only handle so much bandwidth before they start
to choke. How come all those tests show crappy speeds and then when I
download a game to my PC, I get between 800-920 speeds? That's real usage
Sometimes I can manually select a test server that will give me 840-900
speeds, and again, that's proof that most test speeds are not reliable.
With more and more video streaming going on, the internet highway will get
congested and all these "tests" will make people very unhappy. One thing
you should keep in mind before you cancelled or change your service, the
more devices you connect to the net, the more you will appreciate the extra
capacity a 1 gig connection gives you, and if you monitor your output at
your gateway while several of your devices are downloading and you add up
their speeds, you will see that you are getting a 1 gig.
The speed test from your AT&T gateway to the AT&T server, which you can
find in the gateways menu (my gateway is a Pace 5268AC) will show your
link speed. Anything less that 920 indicates that your fiber is not right.
If it is right.
Take care.
Ps; I wish I could tell you the game network I buy my games from, but I
probable brake the posting rules If I do. My games are downloaded from the
company's Houston Texas servers, which is about 2.5 hours from where I live.

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Re: Slow AT

Checking all the other servers other than the default takes my speeds down even further.  I've seen some say reformatting the OS works, but why should I have to reformat 3 computers, none of them will get better than 350 down on a Gigabyte connection that shows a GB coming in anymore.  All devices turned off and disconnected I can no longer get even half way to 900.  Just a few short months ago, when I signed up, I could. Actually, for a day or so when the tech replaced the BGW210 the other day, I could.  My only option seems to give up on the short-lived dream and drop the plan to 300, which is all I can get now anyway. AT&T says they are delivering 1 GB and that's all they can do. I've had 13 devices connected at once and still tested 848 before....actually several times. The kid says he's downloading games at 240 on wifi, at least for now, and that's good.  But my Ethernet connection 10 feet away from the Router is awful in comparison.

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Re: Slow AT

Whatever you do, do not reformat your computer. The ones who told you that
have no clue. If anything, you can try checking your network card and tweak
with the settings, to make sure they are optimal. Do a Google search on the
subject. Also, have your kid download a game while connected with cat5 or
6, and compare. By the way, if he uses a PS4, it has a limit on the speed,
since the built in nic is only a 100.
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Re: Slow AT

Well, I didn't plan on it...  I would if I were positive it would work, but only have seen two people claim that it did. I have to believe that the BGW210 throttles speeds somehow, whether intentional or not.  Just gonna drop my plan to 300 and try it for a while.  If I'm not happy I will be gone.

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Re: Slow AT

Had att gigabit service for a year and it was the crappiest broadband internet service I had. Switched to 125mb plan from xfinity and none of the devices buffered anymore. After an year xfinity service started having issues. Connectivity dropped frequently so am giving att another try. I don't understand why they give their proprietary router at no cost. I think that may be how they are throttling the service. There is no technical reason they need to provide their own router. Has anyone tried connecting to OLT cable directly to their router. It probably won't work but was wondering if during any troubleshooting steps or when technician was out someone has tried it.

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Re: Slow AT

There is a cost.....the gateways are cr@ppy.  They don't throttle anything through the gateway, your speed is set by the profile assigned to your account.


There are ways to connect directly to the "ONT" and eliminate the gateway.  Check out the AT&T Uverse forum at DSLReports.com for more info.

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