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Slow AT&T 1000 Internet speed problem

Slow AT&T 1000 Internet speed problem



I got AT&T 1000 Internet + U-Verse installed today but ran into some strange problem that the tech couldn’t figure out. My AT&T modem diagnostic speed test shows 945 up/ 975 down from ONT to modem but hardwired Ethernet from the modem to MacBook only gets 450 up/550 down and wifi 200 up/213 down. The tech left without solving the problem.  How do I solve this problem? 


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Re: Slow AT

I bought a new cat 6 Ethernet, my drivers are all current and I’m lucky if I pull 20mbps.  I have a gamer so of course it’s built to handle these speeds. I get their advertised speed on my smartphone but why not on my gamer.  I just don’t understand what this problem is.  I certainly can’t game with speeds that low.  It’s lag city.  I’ve had 2 different techs come to my house and I still have this issue.  Nothing was ever resolved.  I don’t have the funds to spend to get any extra hardware to solve it especially since that’s not going to guarantee that I’ll get a better connection.  

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