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At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed


At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

Is there anyone that can help my finalize my Uverse install on our new construction home? This process has been brutal. I've been promised four different install dates at this point, and have been without internet in this home for two and a half months. A timeline:


10/31/13: Call to place order for Uverse TV and Internet. There is a "facility issue" and my order can not be placed at this time.


11/26: Get email from AT&T saying your address now qualifies for Uverse. Hooray! I call to set up install. Sorry, nope, just kidding, facility issue. No ETA on a fix.


Around 12/10: I call to check on status. It will be a few weeks before they can get the facility issue fixed. Projected date 12/24. At this point my status is escalated to highest priority, blah blah blah.


12/22: I get call from AT&T. Whoops, sorry, we're running behind, make that 12/27.


12/27: Oh hey, there's a facility issue in my area. Can't install, sorry. No ETA on a fix.


1/10: I call to check on status. Good news, says AT&T, the facility issue has been fixed! I place order, install confirmed for 1/13.


At this point, it's been so long since I placed my original order that Gigapower has become available in my area. Tired of talking to AT&T on the phone, I drop by my local AT&T corporate store yesterday to discuss switching over to Gigapower. To do this, we have to place a separate order. No problem, the store guy says, it shouldn't add more than a day or two of delay to your install.


1/11: I get an email from AT&T. Can you call us? We have a question about your account. I call. You have 2 orders open, sir, do you want Gigapower or 18Mps Uverse? Obviously, Gigapower. Phone agent cancels my old order, and goes off to schedule the Gigapower install. After several minutes on hold, she comes back. Sir? The earliest install I have for you will be 1/27. WHAT? WHY? Well, there's a facility issue in your area.





I've called AT&T many times, I've gone to the local AT&T store, I've tried online chat, I've tried Twitter support. Is there ANYONE in this company that can get service installed at our house without giving us the run around? Is there any reason I shouldn't switch to Google Fiber or TWC at the first opportunity? What on earth is happening here?


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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

Sorry to hear of bad start.
A "facility issue" generally means either no port available to provide service, or known line issue (no feed) to provide service.
No port means either waiting for someone to cancel, or more cards installed if possible. Each card has 48 ports, each cabinet only holds xxx number of cards or shelves.

Will be hard to expedite if port is not available. FYI.
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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

So is this what I have forward to look to? Smiley Mad


My original appt was for March 10th. I chatted with someone on March 4th to see if I could get an earlier appt. They said the 5-7th was available. I chose the 5th. Called in to confirm and it was never changed. Person I spoke with changed it.


Later received a voice mail about there being that infamous "facility issue". Even though I ask, I still don't really know what that means. Later that day, they changed my appt to the 11th.


The next day, it was still showing my installtion date for the 5th, so I called in to make sure it indeed changed. Rep confirmed that it did, but let me know appt was open for March 6th. I jumped on it.


Recevied ANOTHER voice mail saying they wouldn't be able to install it until the 18th.


Called in and the Rep said they would be escallating matter to Sup and I should hear some type of update within 48-72 hours.


This is terrible and highly frustrating. Don't know how much longer I can handle the run-around. *sigh*

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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

Yeah, LTE, I'd say get your popcorn ready.... I placed the order on 3/1 and had an install date of 3/7.


3/7 Tech showed up on time and everything seemed copasetic.  (After the confusion about the need for wireless and only 60-80 mbps issue was resolved anyways....)


Then the tech hit the "facility issue".  He stated completion by either that afternoon or the next day.  After which the appointment would be rescheduled.  I received two update phone calls from AT&T both stating the "outside" work was estimated for completion that afternoon (3/7).  His apologies we given for not be able to turn back on the previous service due to changes already made.  


So Friday evening goes by, no cable, no interwebs.....


I hear nothing so I call Saturday morning.  The status has switched from the previous afternoon to no estimated date of completion.  I give up hope and go play golf.


I call again at 10 this morning and given the same line.  "Facility issue".  "No estimated date of completion". etc......




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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

Update as of 3/12 -


151 Hours without service and still no estimated date of completion on the facility issue from engineering...


Tuesday (3/11) I received a call at approximately 10AM informing me that there was no change in the order but that the issue had been "escalated"


Wednesday (3/12) I called in around 5:00 PM to check the status of the order.  I was given the same lines as before.  When asked what the escalation of the issue had accomplished, I was told there was no indication in the record that my order had been escalated.  I asked the gentleman if it would be possible to have my old service restored, to keep me busy, while I waited indefinetly.  He said "that shouldn't be a problem, but I'll have to send you to technical support to work on setting up that appointment".


Back on hold.


Technical support says they cannot create the order for service restoration without cancelling the order for Gigapower.  Fear of this order disappearing into the ATT black hole that is Gigapower I decided to hold off on that.  After a few more minutes of pleading, I was given a phone number for a more specific department related to Gigapower infrastructure.  After dialing that number I heard.... "this number is no longer a working number".  Well played technical support lady, well played.


So my adventure will continue with my, now daily, call to AT&T.  

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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

Well yesterday was an adventure.  I was given another FAKE phone number by yet another ATT Customer Service representative.  I didn't take as nicely to it this time so I called back to get a hold of a supervisor in any department related to my current struggles.  After sharing my story with two different people I was placed on hold to await a supervisor.  The supervisor did not want to talk with me but supplied me with yet another phone number.  This one to the Gigapower "back office" that I will henceforth refer to as the Gigapower "backdoor" as this is becoming a pain in mine.


The Gigapower "backdoor".... I'm at this point envisioning a place like that described in the Matrix Reloaded. An office in which no elevator can go and no stair can reach.  A place where I'd need Morpheus, a little asian man with a key fetish, a ninja, a non-functioning power grid and a buttload of luck to get ahold of.  I'm also not expecting this phone number to work.  But alas, a person answer the phone.


I start the conversation by describing that I am almost to the point now where I explain to my 2 year old daughter that the man on the is the reason she has no "Little Heinsteins" and see if she can reckon with him.  I guess this threat was well-received because I will say that Michael, I believe his name was, was a pleasure to work with.  He didn't give me shovel loads of we don't know and hurry up and wait.  He seemed genuinely sorry and worked all possible angles to make me a somewhat satisfied ATT customer again.  Unfortunately, after all his attempts were unfruitful he sent me to another pleasant and hard-working technical support guy by the name of Roy.  Roy who I will refer to as "Mr. Snowden" explained his multiple attempts to circumvent the ATT system to get my previous service restored so I could go back to waiting indefinetly.  Roy also fell short, but I feel he tried everything he could think of.


So after all this, and 3 hours of bouncing through the ATT Customer Support matrix, I would express a mixed-bag of emotions.  Some genuinely good people out there working on these issues but held back by a company that fails to provide resources to their employees and some genuine meanheads just going through the day handing out fake phone numbers and moving on to the next disgruntled customer.  And after these 3 hours I am still where I was.  No service, new or old, no estimated date of completion to the "facility issue" and one more boring, unproductive rant on the user fourm.


If anyone reading this is looking for advice, if you can get google do so.  If you can't but the site says you can get Gigapower, make sure you can actually get it before they come and disconnect your current service.  Tell the technician to check for the facility issue before they touch anything else.  Or at the very least, stock up on children's dvds and make sure your cell data plan has enough to get you through.  Tell your brother to go ahead and level up his COD Ghosts character and you might catch him again whenever ATT decides you are allowed and if you plan to work from home, "facility issue" does not seem to be a very good excuse for zero productivity.


1st world problems,


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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

Quick update.  Apparently I got a hold of the right person at the right time.  Had to pound my way through numerous representatives and refused to be passed on through the system but I finally got a supervisor in the Amarillo office who did an excellent job of getting the ball rolling again.  After the numerous times I had been told getting the U-verse service restored with an active order was an impossibility, I found someone who not only said it was possible but agreed it was the right thing to do.  And by god he made it happen.  I don't want to put his name in here but if you are desparate in your quest for Gigapower let me know.


Now with all that said, I still do not have Gigapower.  I did however get my U-verse service restored promptly (the next day after speaking with Mr. Amarillo) and numerous corrections made to my bill.  I was also told I would not lose my spot in line for GigaPower.


And the day following the successful reinstall of my U-verse I received a call informing me that the "facility issue has been fixed".  Three phone calls and 4 days later, I was able to get that installation scheduled for this Saturday the 29th.  My fingers are crossed.

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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

Just when I think I can leave this forum alone they go and surprise me again.  on 3/25/2014 at 12:02:35 I provided my cautiosly optimistic update that apprently everything seemed back on track.  When I arrived home that evening there were two AT&T vehicles parked in front of the "green space" next to my house.  I did not see any technicians at this time but there were cables running from a piece of equipment in my front yard and some dig warning flags and it appeared things were getting done.  I later saw them at the neighbor's house and assumed this was not for me, nor would it affect me.  I went about my business and chatted with the technicians briefly about my upcoming Gigapower install and the general dizzying experience I had recently had with their company.  We shared a laugh and I left for my soccer game.


When I returned home the wife and daughter had retired to bed and I went to turn on the television to catch up on some news.  "You are not subscribed to this channel".  Hrmm.. So I hit channel up.  "You are not subscribed to this channel".  This went on for a while until I decided to open the laptop and check the internet connection.  Anyone reading this will be shocked to hear that it also did not work.  It was late so I did a reboot, waited, still nothing, so I went to bed.


On the way in to work the next morning I called and explained the situation.  Two technicians working on equipment in my front yard, services no longer working... Seems pretty cut and dry to me.  Line test indicates my modem is off and I will need to check the wires.  The rest of the conversation went something like this......

   "I'm not at home".  

   "Oh, well than I cannot continue the troubleshooting steps or assist you further at this time."

   "Ma'am, I just left the house.  The modem is indeed on.  I bounced it this morning and nothing        happened.  Did I mention there were two technicians in my front yard, because there were."

   "Ok sir, I will check the service records. Please hold................. There are no records of service being    performed on your home yesterday.  Unless you are at the house and I can continue the troubleshooting  steps I cannot assist you further at this time."

    "Ma'am, I would assume that the gentelmen in my front yard were working on an order from a location other than my house and the equipment just happened to be in my front yard, therefore any service records from my house would not likely show up.  It is possible that your line test sees my modem as off because one of the two technicians working on the equipment in front of my house disconncted something and not that my modem is 'off' ".

    "If you are not at the house to complete the troubleshooting steps I can be of no further assistance at    this time"



As I have learned recently with ATT you have about a 1 in 4 chance of getting someone on the phone that acutally might be able to help.  With this knowledge I have developed a system that once you hit one of these incompetent roadblocks, you politely end the conversation and call back.  Take your chances with the service roulette.  I was at work some my shot in the dark would have to wait.  It had been a few days since I had made my habitual commute home call to ATT.  So that is what I decided to do.  Once again I explained technicians in my yard, service outage. blah, blah.  I got the same run around about not being at home and able to complete the troubleshooting script.  This time I was encouraged to call when I was at the residence so I could complete the steps..... Which at this point might better resemble the 12 steps to cope with the frustration of a Gigapower install.


So I get home and call.  3rd call, 3rd different service person.  If my 1 in 4 chance theory is correct I am getting closer to a resolution.  So I'm at home, cooking my daughter dinner and talking with ATT, again.... But, this guy sounds knowledgeable.  He sounds almost concerned.  He runs the line check, it fails.  I explain to him that my modem is indeed on.  He does not ask me to check the wires, he does not ask me to bounce it or check lights and he does not even indicate that I needed to be home.  But what he does do is call in an escalated ticket to have someone inspect the outside equipment of the property.  Only catch at this point is that it is now 7PM and getting someone there that evening is unlikely.  


So there's supposedly a guy out there right now fixing it and when I get home I get to call ATT again and run through technical support to get everything back up and running again.  Again, again, again, again.  I don't know if I used that word enough in my story so maybe that helps..And I supposed to believe that everything is going to go great on Saturday with the Gigapower install?  I'm supposed to believe that this facility issue was resolved and that they are capable of finally delivering a service I ordered on March 2nd?  I guess time will tell.

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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

I am in Michigan, but have experienced the same sequence of  "endless" delays, "problem now fixed",  rescheduling, "facility problems"  and ad fliers promoting the services every week!



I ordered the service in April, after some back and forth dalays, I was urged in early June to make appointment for installation within certain date (or else!)  9-11 A.M. today was the appointment time slot.  At 10:58, no one from ATT showed up, so I called.  I was told the tech was here but found "facility problem", the installation will have to be delayed (again).  I don't believe anybody actually showed up (because I was waiting here all time!) They don't even have the courtesey to call ahead of the time so I don't have to sit and wait!


Now I am starting to wonder if I should switch sevices to ATT at all.

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Re: At wit's end trying to get Uverse install completed

@weykuo The tech could of discovered the "facility issue" at the VRAD that serves your home, and thus why he dident show. It could be that they are told someone will call you to inform you of this, or the tech just dident bother to call for whatever reason himself.

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