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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

ATT Fiber Internet Speed

I installed the ATT fiber internet today in my apartment. I was pretty excited to see how the 1GBPs internet works but turns out it is slower than the previous one I had from Spectrum. The speed test is barely giving me 100mbps download and around 200mbps upload speed. I am having a problem loading up 1080p youtube videos. 

The router they installed is BGW210, and I also have U-Verse but right now, it is not in use. How do I fix this internet speed? I am only getting 10% of what I am supposed to get. 

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

AT&T can't guarantee wireless speeds. Too many variables that are out of AT&Ts control:

-each device you connect has different hardware and specifications. A 2017 MacBook Pro is going to have a better wifi card then a 2010 Dell laptop for example.

-distance from modem

-interference by nearby devices, walls, etc.


Plug in a device directly into the modem to get 900+mbps (assuming the devices has a 1gbps network card and hardware that can support it) 


YouTube is another matter all together, search on the forums here. You'll find a really really long thread. 

*I am an AT&T employee, and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

Where in his question did he talk about wireless speeds?  I am wired to my router and the last test I ran gave me 43mbs download with 700mbs upload.

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

If you're getting those speeds wired, power cycle your ONT (that's the white box). Unplug the wire that goes in the red plug on your Gateway. Then unplug the white box and wait a few seconds. After a few seconds plug it back in. It will take about a min to boot up, you'll know this completed when you see the power and pon light green. When that is done plug in your. Gateway again. Every Gateway but the 210 has a service light. When the service light is green check it again. If you have the 210 when broadband is solid green you are able to test.
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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

I have the same issue.  House is wired to CAT 7A spec (10G).  Currently, I get anywhere from 20MB to 260MB Download and 500KB to 260MB  upload.  (KB NOT A TYPO)  All the speed tests show similar results except the test run from the AT&T PC toolbox speed test.  Up until about 2 months ago the various speed test tool results showed typical between 600MB and 950MB which is acceptable for consumer GIGAPOWER.  Tech has looked at it but found no issues.  What is AT&T doing to cause such a dramatic speed reduction?  This is not an uncommon issue.  I have looked at about a dozen blogs and AT&T is getting slammed with complaints on this issue.  Most seem to be at the 25% of advertised speed. Typical response is "AT&T does not guarantee the full Gig speed", "wireless is slower that the wired device", you have too many devices running when you tested....blah...blah...blah....  This is totally unacceptable.  If there was a lemon law this would qualify.  I hate to have to go back to Comcast but at least there speeds were usually consistent with at least 80% of advertised speed.

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

I agree, left feeling ripped off. If I cannont resolve the issue I plan to file a complaint with the BBB and at least let others know how bad the internet service actually is compared to whats promised switching to AT&T is a major disappointment. 

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

I feel ripped off. I have a new 4k tv but I cannot watch HD because I get a message from Hulu and Netflix saying that there is not enough bandwidth. Please!.My service slows around 4pm until about midnight. I've tried going thru the dvd player but everything slows. I paying $30 more a month for higher speeds and am feeling ripped off. I have my installation tech the choice of where to place the modem. I only have one computer or a tv or a dvd wireless at a time. Even though I'm paying for 1000mpbs I don't care what the speed is, just let me watch a standard deviation show when I'm am ready to put my feet up in the evening!

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

I HAD 300Mbps Internet from Spectrum (Charter). Yes, I know this is about the worst of the worst - I've worked for Charter/Spectrum for the better part of 10-yrs!!


I signed up for AT@T's 1000 Mbps Service, after I ended my 9 years of employment with Time-Warner Cable / Charter / Spectrum Communications.


Unfortunately, AT&T's 1000Mbps Service is about equal to Charter/Spectrum's "300 Mbps" Service. 


See.....Charter/Spectrum OVER-PROVISIONS their 300 Mbps connections. This means, if you subscribe to Charter/Spectrum's 300Mbps Service - You are guaranteed, at a minimum, of receiving at LEAST 300Mbps Download. You may get more.............however, you also may get significantly less than the 300Mps you've, supposedly, paid for....


As a matter of fact - When I signed up for AT&T's 1000Mbps Service, I have NEVER received 1000Mbps or more..............If I am LUCKY, I MAY receive 550Mbps.......at most.


Supposedly, AT&T GUARANTEES 600Mbps down - Period. (For those who actually PAY for 1000Mbps+.....)


I have NEVER received 600+Mbps. It has ALWAYS been less.......


So - In the end, AT&T delivers exactly what they say they will. But...................for anyone paying for 1000 Mbps, like me, but are not getting anywhere close to 1000 Mbps speeds, like me, you should sue AT&T.


They GUARANTEE that you'll receive at LEAST 600 Mbps Down...........


This is a Completely FALSE statement thus far. I have NEVER achieved over 600Mbps down, but I do frequently achieve 1500+Mbps UPLOAD speeds.


This is proof that AT&T's Upload AND Download are VERY approximately equal to one another, however, it also proves that AT&T is heavily QOS'ing.


If I am paying for a 1Gpbs connection.....then I expect to get 1000 Mbps (or MORE) download.

With Charter, I got MORE than what I paid for.

With AT&T, I get WAY LESS, than what I paid for.


It is quite obviuos that AT&T UNDER-provisions. 

It is also quite obsious that Charter OVER-provisions.


Regardless of who I pay every month - And regardless of whomever (supposedly) provides the most bandwidth.....


AT&T does NOT provide what they promise. (600+Mbps)

Charter OVER-PROMISES what they provide. (1.2Gbps)


Yes, Charter DOES charge JUST A BIT more for their 1 Gbps Internet Service.....however.....Charter provides EXACTLY what they advertise (or, more often, MORE)....AT&T provides less than they advertise.


Then biggest problem I have with this is that I was a fiber tech for Charter for OVER 8 yrs..........Charter CAN provide a 1 Gbps internet connection to anyone in their footprint, without a SINGLE issue (in the areas currently serviced by 1 GbPs Service....) ATT SAYS they can.....but they don't. 


ATT needs to be held ACCOUNTABLE to what they are advertising..........if not, there will be no competition, as Charter WILL provide 1 Gbps+, no exceptions, whereas ATT will give nothing BUT exceptions/excuses.


Yeah - ATT is cheaper, per month, however, Charter actually provides what they advertise..............


So...........You decide..........In Charlotte, NC.


Do you want a 1 Gpbs Internet connection from ATT, that they CANNOT provide....or......do you want to pay an extra $20 - $30 /month to Charter.....for an actual 1 Gbps Internet Connection - That they are EASILY able to provide??


Personally, I'm paying for a 1 Gbps Connection - But..............If I'm lucky............I might get HALF of that from ATT.


I'd honestly pay $10-$20 MORE per month to get WHAT I AM PAYING FOR IN THE FIRST PLACE..............


Paying $80 per month for an internet connection that SHOULD BE 1000 Mbps, but only getting 550 Mbps is one thing...

Paying $108 per month for an internet connection that IS AT LEAST 1000 Mbps, from Charter, seem a LOT more worth-while...


It simply seems as if AT&T has WAY oversold themselves in order to compete with somoeone with whome they simply cannot compete - price-wise, or performance-wise.


AT&T is a failure here. :-( 





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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

I tried this (the whole power cycle thing) tonight and still have not seen the speeds that I am supposed to be getting.  I am beginning to think that the business sales rep from Comca$t was correct when he told me about the high number of complaints.

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

true, havent tested at 25 mbps as promised by AT&T since I was with Time Warner.

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

power cycling can help, I think AT&T pushes through the fiber at MBPS they promise but once it arrives at the user its choked back by routing through existing copper in the home, and further by the equipment the rent. 

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

agree totally, and get this, I was a TWC customer for 5 years internet and TV combo, had been with AT&T prior with Uverse bundle.

left TWC when it became Spectrum, they had no desire to keep my business as Spectrum. AT&T wouldnt allow me to have a "NEW" customer bundle rate because Uverse hadnt closed my account. I think you have to pick with provider that gives you at least one thing they promise so you can enjoy that while you are being screwed. 

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

All the techs want to do is the bare minimum & hurry up & go home.



I work in the same field & they are lazy & talk to you as though you have no clue of what anything is, a modem & a router is not complicated to understand or to “difficult” differentiate & they give you no customized experience & just act as though there’s no solution to anything & things are just the way they are.


But obviously what you would expect from someone that doesn’t really care about the customer.


They aren’t the ones paying for the service & expecting the guaranteed QUALITY customer service so they just come by, do the bare minimum & leave.

They should be penalized for coming to a residence with the same issue more than one & I promise they will stop just plugging in wires & powering things up & leaving within the same hour they arrived & never even making sure the connection is stable.


A full weekend & a Monday wasted without any internet & I get 1 bar AT&T LTE on my iPhone, thank you AT&T, I’m in the midst of job hunting & thank you for making me late & or having to reschedule appointments. I doubt if you were looking into a candidate to hire you would surly consider them after them being late or having to reschedule, or in the words of not my future employers generally demonstrating my inability to commit & be repectfully prompt when asked to do something with a deadline, a deadline obviously made for a reason, definitely not made to fail at meeting it.

Due to the lack of urgency of tech support & for about 2 1/2 years now, not even understanding how poor your cell service is AT MY HOME & for 6 months or so you have also overlooked how poor your interent access hardware is.

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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

Good morning to all,

Same thing here at home. When first installed I got 900-980 and a couple of weeks ago.... 650-800...

Tech tried even switching router and run tests in her ipad. No solution... which makes no sense....

I had cable for 15 years... the tech only needed to check the connection two times... With att... it is a constant issue and they don't get it right...


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Re: ATT Fiber Internet Speed

I've had the same problem.  The phone/chat techs are a waste of time.  The onsite techs who are decent yet undertrained, claim I should be lucky to see anything above 400.  However symmetrical 400 is close enough to my previous ISP, that it may be worth going back.  I GOT THAT SPEED.


And today 6ms ping (was better on cable) and 70megs down/66 up. . . 





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