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Uverse dvr deleting shows


Uverse dvr deleting shows

I have had this problem and am now on my 4th receiver. Brand new. Plugged in yesterday. Taped 6 shows last night. This morning they were gone. Could see them from uverse app on my iPad but they were deleted from box so could not watch. Tech coming tomorrow. Uverse tech service said they've never heard of this. They say that wvery time I call. Can some att person checking this forum please tell me what to do? I liked att until this.
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Re: Uverse dvr deleting shows

@Deborah5251 - All I can say is that this is the one case that truly was never seen before.


Did you see the recordings on your recorded list on the TV before they went away?

Are they still on your app?


There are many reasons why shows would not record. But, no reason that they would erase, once recorded

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Re: Uverse dvr deleting shows

Ace in response to your questions.
Yes, I saw all six recordings on the dvr. We watched one and deleted it. The others were still there.

This morning they were no longer on the box, but I could see them on the app as recorded. But if I log out of the app and back in they are gone there too.

With it being a brand new box and the first recording recorded, I have no idea why it would delete them. They are all set to save
Until I delete.
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Re: Uverse dvr deleting shows

@Deborah5251 - I really feel bad for you because this is such a tough one. I hope the tech is able to correct it.


In case it does not. Set your recordings not to erase automatically - save until I erase.


That is not a good way to have to work. I just suggest it as it might add insight into what is going on.


That leadss me to suggest you check the options on your scheduled recordings to see if there is something wierd there.

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Community Support

Re: Uverse dvr deleting shows

Hey @Deborah5251,


We're sorry about the service interruptions you are experiencing with your DVR. We'd be glad to help you diagnose the issue and make the recommendations to resolve this. Check out this Troubleshooting DVR thread for some steps on resetting your device.


Start with the Power Cycle (which is simply unplugging and plugging), then you can move to the Non-Destructive Recovery. These two are a soft reset to the device and will not delete any recordings.


If you are still experiencing issues with you DVR after that, look into the Disaster Recovery. Performing the disaster recovery will revert the device to its original factory state so it will remove recordings on the device.


If the issue still persists after doing these, please send us a detailed message by clicking here. Be sure to include your name, account number, phone number, and the best time to reach you.

Keep an eye on the envelope.png at the top right corner of your screen for a response

In the meantime, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns!



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Re: Uverse dvr deleting shows

I am having the same exact issue- recordings dissppearing a day or two after they have been recording even though they are clearly marked not to erase and no one in the house has erased them.  I have already had one DVR switched out, but I do not think it is the DVR.  If you figure out what it is, please let us know.

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Re: Uverse dvr deleting shows

Same here and, as much as we liked Uverse, we're done. Happening for months; switched out dvr's; soft reset; hard reset.  Still happening.  Flipped through my list of recorded shows last night and when I paged back up, 2 shows that were just there, were gone. Back to Tivo.

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Re: Uverse dvr deleting shows

I know this is an old thread, but this just happened to me too. I reset the gateway and the DVR because it was running out of room and deleting shows, but didn't have a complete list of shows so I could manage them. After the reset it deleted almost everything and there is TONS of free space. I can still see the recordings in the app but not on the DVR. I can't see any rhyme or reason to why those 5 shows were kept. We've been considering switching providers and I think this settles it. Last month my service was cut for non-payment even though I had paid, and had called twice to verify that after receiving 2 termination notices.
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