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Pace 5268AC seems to throttle me to 50Mb


Pace 5268AC seems to throttle me to 50Mb

I'm having an interesting experience with the AT&T gigabit internet I got recently. I have the Pace 5268AC router.

I need more features that that router offers so I'm putting a Netgear R7800 behind it.

Everything is great at first. I get over 800Mbs for a couple of days. Then, suddenly it's 50Mbs. If I plug a computer directly into the Pace I get 950Mbs. So, it must be the Netgear router that's the problem, right? I change the router and sure enough I'm back to 800Mbs.

Two days later I'm back to 50Mbs. Hmm. I try changing the MAC address of the Netgear router and I'm back to 800Mbs!

So the Pace is throttling me to 50Mbs based on the MAC address.

I should add that the 800Mbs goes away instantly when I go into DMZ+ plus mode. That puts me back to 50Mbs.

Further experimenting shows something even more interesting. The throttling seems to be at the switch level - not WAN to LAN in the Pace. That is, if I plug another computer into the Pace and run iperf between this computer and the Netgear I still get a low speed (although it did go up to 100Mps). Perhaps the Pace someone internally sets to port the 100Base T. Having said that, the Pace web page claims its 1000 Base T. 

Hopefully this Pace modem is broken in some bizarre way. I'll try to get AT&T to switch it.

Anyone have similar problems?


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Re: Pace 5268AC seems to throttle me to 50Mb

I had the same issue trying to get a pfsense box up and running. Exact same thing happens when using DMZ+. This gateway is garbage. I have had 2 request for the BGW210 through the online chat. They have assured me they will ship out the BGW210 but according to the shipment info on both they are sending me more freaking 5268AC’s that I cannot use. Total pile of crap

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Re: Pace 5268AC seems to throttle me to 50Mb

I've been experimenting further and now the Pace modem has settled down to something more consistent.

In DMZ+ mode I'm throttled to 50Mps.

When I'm not in DMZ+ mode, I'm not throttled.

So the question is, does AT&T have this throttling policy, or is the Pace modem broken?

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Re: Pace 5268AC seems to throttle me to 50Mb

This happened to my Pace 5268AC also. I noticed it right after a Modem firmware update on 11/29/18. I thought it was my old Linksys 1900AC gone bad so I upgraded to an Edge Router with a UAP-AVC-M access point. It was wicked fast until I noticed that the AT&T modem firewall was blocking external access. Immediately upon Opening the Firewall and setting DMZ+, I was back to 50Mbps! I tested everything, Cables, Switch, everything. I'm now sure AT&T is throttling!!!!

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Re: Pace 5268AC seems to throttle me to 50Mb

It is a firmware issue with the gateway. It isn't intentional. https://forums.att.com/t5/AT-T-Fiber-Equipment/PACE-11-1-0-531418-DMZ-Issue/td-p/5700776/page/11

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Re: Pace 5268AC seems to throttle me to 50Mb

I posted the following in a different thread  "PACE DMZ Issue" and I am posting it here also because essentially the threads are the same:

12/15/18 Update:

I've been dealing with AT&T now for a few days trying to get my Modem back to 1Gbps that I am paying for. It seems that AT&T keeps track of how many times you call for an issue because when I call now I get passed from the "basic technician" to an "expert technician" without having to go through the "did you restart the modem" crap. Anyhow, a timeline follows:

  • 11/29/18: I noticed that my Pace 5268 rebooted itself.
  • 11/30-31: Noticed that my Internet speed was seriously degraded and flatlined at 50Mbps, messed around with my Linksys 1900AC for days.
  • 12/3: Spoke with AT&T support who offered no help.
  • 12/7: Replaced Linksys 1900AC with new Ubnt EdgeRouter 4 and Unifi AP-AC-M access point.
  • 12/7- 10: Realized that it was not my Router / AP
  • 12/11: Found others in this Forum with the same 50Mbps throttling due to V11 firmware
  • 12/12: Called AT&T support a couple of times. The last call resulted in an offer to send an NVG599 to replace my Pace, the package to be delivered Thursday 12/13 but no later than Friday 12/14
  • 12/13: No Package from AT&T, Called AT&T support, told to wait till Friday 12/14
  • 12/14: 6:00 PM no package from AT&T and there is no tracking info on the website. Called AT&T to find out what happened to the Modem. The "Expert Tech" can't find out where the modem went to, but my account shows that the Modem Delivery / Activation was COMPLETE! I explained to the "Expert" that obviously something is very screwed up, he agreed and started to suggest that I wait for the package to arrive. I promptly cut him off (politely) and said that solution was absolutely not acceptable. He immediately scheduled an AT&T tech to come out Saturday 12/15 (today) with the "newest" modem. By this time I learned that the NVG599 was not the one to get and told him I wanted none other than a BGW210 and he should put that in the service ticket for the Tech to bring when he came.
  • 12/15: AT&T Tech calls pre-visit to let me know he would arrive shortly. I asked what modem he was going to install, he said he only had.... you guessed, a PACE 5268. I told him I didn't want it because it would just go right back to throttling me at 50Mbps. He was surprised I knew about the DMZ+ throttle and asked if I had already been visited by a Tech because he had only recently heard about the said problem. I told him no, I found out from this Forum. He offered to check his Tech group and see if any of his group had a BGW210. He called back to say everyone had Pace modems but he would check the Depot. He called back to say luckily a manager "happened" to come in on this Saturday and had one and only one BGW210 with him. Lucky me. He picked it up and installed it. This was a new modem for him and he was not sure how to configure it for passthrough so I told him I'd do it. While we were chatting the doorbell rang and guess what the FedEx man delivered.... a brand new shiny PACE 5268!!! Haha, we both had a good laugh. I will obviously be returning the new PACE.
  • 12/15: A few minutes later, the BGW210 had the wireless off and passthrough set. My network is back to full speed.

The moral of this story is that the "solution" above, though well intended, does not fix the problem and it can ONLY be fixed by a visit from an AT&T technician bearing anything other than a PACE 5268!

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